According to the data of the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of people with cancer around the world is growing rapidly every year. Currently, the number of patients with cancer is more than seven million, and it continues growing. However, due to the introduction of innovative methods for early diagnosis, many cancers can be detected at the initial stage, which increases the likelihood of recovery.

Moreover, it is Turkey that demonstrates the highest rates of cancer curability. Local specialists manage to achieve prolonged remission in most cases. This is facilitated not only by the use of advanced scientific developments and modern methods of combating cancer but also by the Turkish doctors’ vast experience, as well as private care for each patient.

Timely diagnosis is a guarantee of a healthy body

Accurate diagnosis making and the correct choice of treatment methods are the most important factors in the fight against the disease. Due to the high qualification of Turkish doctors, the percentage of cure of cancer patients is very high here.

Another important component of success in the fight against the disease is the constant monitoring of the patient’s condition and, if necessary, adjustment of treatment. Advanced scientific developments in the field of medicine allow using a variety of treatment methods. The Turkish state and private hospitals are also famous for being ready to fight for the patient to the end. This means that even in the terminal stages of cancer, they try to save the patient, rather than send them to a hospice.

The secret of successful Turkish diagnostics

The main secret of a proper diagnosis making by Turkish doctors is a thorough examination of each patient, which consists of several steps. First of all, when collecting anamnesis therapists pay special attention to issues concerning family cancer cases, lifestyle (including smoking), past and current diseases of the patient. This is followed by a thorough examination of the skin, lymph nodes, lungs, mammary glands, abdominal cavity, and testicles.

In the modern hospitals in Istanbul there are many procedures that allow you to specify your diagnosis in a matter of minutes with maximum accuracy:

  • CT.
  • MRI.
  • Ultrasound examination.
  • Mammography.
  • Dermatoscopy.
  • Fibrogastroduodenoscopy.
  • Fibrocolonoscopy.

Pearls of Istanbul medicine

This beautiful city is famous not only for its amazing sunsets but also for its modern clinics, where you can receive highly qualified medical care.

The first one is Yeniyuzyil University Gaziosmanpasa Hospital. Over its entire existence, the clinic has performed more than 60,000 operations and helped to give birth to more than 22,000 newborns. In 2008, the hospital received an ISO 9001 certificate. In 2013, the clinic received a JCI accreditation certificate.

Dr.Serkan Aygın Clinic is a renowned hair transplant clinic in Turkey for patients from all over the world. Huge experience (over 22 years) and tens of thousands of patients have allowed them to reach the highest level of understanding the needs of patients and the end result before performing the procedure.

Medipol University Hospital is the largest private multi-field complex. It receives about 1500 patients per day. The clinic is equipped with the modern Da Vinci robotic system, Gamma Knife, and Cyberknife systems. Medical doctors specialize in the treatment of cancer, neurological, and cardiovascular diseases. The clinic successfully performs organ transplantation, bone marrow transplantation, and in vitro fertilization.

Benefits of treatment in Istanbul

Not putting beyond the beauty of this city and the opportunity to live on the seashore, it has many positive aspects regarding healthcare. First, every medical center in Istanbul is equipped with modern medical equipment, which allows providing high-quality services for the treatment of all types of diseases and makes it cheaper than in Europe. Many international medical organizations send foreigners to Istanbul hospitals for treatment.

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