Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta is the largest airport in the US but Los Angeles Airport has more popularity. Los Angeles Airport (LAX) is not only the second largest airport in the United States but also one of the busiest airports in the world. The city of Los Angeles is also known for its nightlife. It is not only loved by the Native Americans but also by visitors from across the world.

The LAX airport has nine passenger terminals with 132 gates that are arranged in the shape of a horseshoe. The busy airport handles close to 87 million passengers every year which means that people traveling to the LAX airport might have to struggle to find cheap LAX airport parking. To handle the inflow of a large number of passengers & travelers to LAX, the airport is equipped with 25,000 parking slots with close to 8,000 slots in the central terminal and 11,000 slots for long-term parking. You might not need to about LAX long term parking if you plan well in advance.

Rather than looking for a good parking slot when you reach the airport, you should check online for LAX parking deals. Since LAX is a busy airport; the place is mostly abuzz with cars, shuttles, and a large number of passengers who travel to/from the airport. Instead of taking stress in shortlisting the right type of parking – short-term parking/long-term parking, always decide the choice before you start driving to the airport. You also have a choice to board a taxi to the airport but there are chances that your mood might get spoilt in case your driver’s behavior is rude.

Many travelers are choosing the self-driving option since booking the right parking slot in or around LAX airport has many advantages. First & foremost, premises in the parking area of LAX airport are equipped with CCTV cameras and a good number of physical security which means that your parked car is safe. There are minimal chances of any damage being done to your vehicle. The two options that are available for parking near LAX airport are:

Short-term parking

This type of parking is best suited for someone who is at the airport either to drop off or pick up passengers. The Central Terminal parking garage is located close to the corresponding airport terminals making it ideal short-term parking option. This is not the best choice for LAX overnight parking since the accumulated rates might burn a hole in your pocket. How much does a short-term parking slot at LAX airport cost? Let’s look into the rates

Short term parkingPrice
Central Terminal parking garages$3 (first hour), $2 (additional 30 minutes)
Economy Parking Lot C$4 (per hour)

Hence, the Economy Parking lot C is the most economical short-term parking option and should be explored by visitors who are at the airport for a short period of time. Cellphone waiting lot on W 96th street right outside LAX Lot C is open for 24 hours and is free for up to two hours only if the driver is present in the car all the time.

Long-term parking

Passengers who want to park their vehicles for a few number of hours, days, or even months choose long-term parking in or near LAX airport. Those parking options are also called as onsite and offsite parking. If you are looking for affordability, you should choose the Economy Public Lot C parking whereas Central Terminal Area parking option should be chosen if you are looking for more convenience.

LAX long term parking rates vary depending on the parking slot and parking duration.

Long term parkingPrice
Economy Public Parking Lot C$12 (per day)
All Central Terminal parking areas$30 (per day)
Offsite LAX parking$8-$10 (per day)

Inter-connectivity between different terminals at LAX airport is enabled via free shuttles that run every 15-20 minutes, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. How do you make the best out of these parking options and make sure that you do not hustle around for the ideal parking option? Best parking deals and LAX parking coupons are available on trusted websites like Groupon, where you can pre-book parking slots for long-term and short-term parking.

Why wait for last-minute parking at LAX airport when you can book the best available parking slots while on the go!