FAQs that new clients have about using an SSDI attorney for their case

The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program provides monthly income and health care to people who can’t work because of a disability. The process of applying for SSDI is complicated and may take months or even years to complete.

FAQS about SSDI Lawyers

1) What Does SSDI Lawyer do that I can’t do myself?

Many SSDI applicants wonder why they would need an SSDI lawyer when they think the process of applying for SSDI is straightforward. The truth is that it takes too much time (4 months – 12 months) to be able to tell whether SSDI will approve you or not. Why not use an SSDI attorney while SSDI is reviewing your case? An SSDI lawyer can help answer questions you have about your SSDI application or SSDI’s decision during these months when you are waiting for SSDI to make a decision.

2) How much does an SSDI Attorney Cost? 

Before hiring an SSDI lawyer, there are three costs potential clients will need to keep in mind: their hourly fee, any upfront fees they may charge, and how much you might expect to pay overall. An SSDI attorney’s hourly fee might range from $100-$400, although rates can vary from lawyer to lawyer.

An SSDI application can take months or years to complete, so an SSDI attorney’s hourly fee might add up quickly in this case – but attorneys have different policies when it comes to monthly billing.

3) Why Should I Use an SSDI Disability Lawyer?

An SSDI attorney can help you avoid the SSDI application process. SSDI applicants must answer SSDI’s questions about their condition, work history, and how much they are struggling each day. SSDI applicants who don’t understand SSDI’s questions may not report all of their medical records or they might misunderstand SSDI’s rules, which could hurt their chances of being approved for SSDI benefits

SSDI are well-experienced attorneys who know exactly what SSDI is looking for when it comes to your case. SSDI lawyers can also be a resource after you’re approved for SSDI benefits, helping you learn how to manage your monthly SSDI income and what SSDI does and doesn’t cover.

4) Why Should I Choose this Lawyer Over Another One?

This SSDI lawyer has experience representing SSDI applicants and SSDI beneficiaries. SSDI lawyers can help you feel more confident about your SSDI application and can represent SSDI applicants in SSDI hearings, if necessary. If you’re approved for SSDI benefits, this SSDI disability attorney can also provide resources and guidance that will help you manage your monthly SSDI income and understand the rules of the Social Security Disability Insurance program.

People who are struggling with a life-altering illness or disability may be left scrambling for answers when it comes to their diagnoses, treatments, and how they’ll survive on a day-to-day basis.