Immigration Attorney

The immigration process in the US can be quite challenging and taxing. Hiring a reliable Los Angeles immigration attorney will help you to save a lot of time and effort, and make it is easier for you to navigate through the entire process. There is a lot of credible and dedicated immigration lawyer that is willing to help you with your immigration process. And in this article, we are highlighting some of the important factors that you should consider when hiring an immigration attorney –

#1. Get Referrals

The first step is to use your network to find a reliable attorney from other founders who have gone through the process. The conventional word-of-mouth approach can be quite helpful in finding the right attorney for your case. If you are outside the US and have no luck finding an immigration lawyer, consider flying for a couple of months in B1/B2 visa. This will provide you with opportunities to meet founders and grow your networks.

#2. Don’t Make Blind Decision

While a recommendation from your friends and family can be helpful, don’t make a decision solely based on their suggestion. In certain cases, the lawyers are attending too many cases simultaneously, therefore they will not be able to dedicate adequate time to your case. Moreover, some lawyers don’t have enough experience in dealing with a particular aspect of immigration law, and that might be associated with your case. So even after you get good recommendations, you need to assess all the options carefully. Blind decisions made by you today might end up costing you double in the future.

#3. Get Consultation

Once you have filtered out your options, it is time to go for an initial consultation process with the attorney. During the consultation, how much attention the lawyer is paying to your concerns and queries. Did you feel that he or she was rushing you? Did he or she share the possible solutions? If you have any questions, make sure you don’t shy away from asking them. Observe how patiently the lawyers are answering your questions. Make sure you ask for references, and a credible lawyer would never refuse you to give references.

#4. Be Clear About the Fees

Immigration lawyers charge generally charge for their time. However, some attorneys charge fixed fees for standard procedures. Make sure you ask about the approximate time it is going to take and how much will be the investment. Moreover, you should be clear with the fixed fees for the lawyers and whether or not it is subjected to change upon modification of the procedures. Ensure that everything is well-documented in an organized agreement.

Hiring the right immigration attorney can be extremely valuable for your case. If your language barrier is an issue for you, you should get a lawyer that speaks your language. This would help you in understanding the procedures and guidelines in a better way. Above are certain tips that will help you in hiring the right immigration lawyer to represent your case.