Facelift Surgery Vs. Chin Lifts

Are Facelifts And Chin Lifts Safe With Acne?

All surgical cosmetic treatments require you to be in great physical health. Facelift surgery intends to give you a more youthful appearance with a natural-looking tautness. If you are having a severe breakout, your doctor will probably wait until it subsides before performing any procedures. Acne can’t prevent you from getting a face or chin lift. People with sensitive skin have taken surgical treatments before without complications.

Most people wonder if the tightening effects or the smoothing of a face or chin lift can reduce the appearance of acne scars. Patients with significant scarring can benefit from these cosmetic surgeries. Some scars have deep depression, and tightening and stretching the skin can reduce their visibility. However, the efficacy of facelifts and chin lifts in treating acne scars depends on various factors, including how severe the scars are.

Women with acne will reap more benefits from a facelift than those with regular skin. Even if the scars aren’t treated, there are many ways these cosmetic surgeries will improve your appearance. Talk to a board-certified plastic surgeon and discuss your options. If there are any limitations to having the surgery with acne skin, the surgeon will inform you. Acne should not be the reason you don’t consider an anti-aging facial procedure.

What to Expect From the Procedures


There are multiple options; they vary depending on your desired outcome. You can opt for a mini facelift, deep plane facelift, or non-surgical facelift. All these procedures will have a rejuvenating effect but at different levels.

During a surgical facelift, your surgeon will reposition the tissue and fat under your skin. This will remove any excess skin that is causing jowls. It will also tighten and lift your facial skin. Any creases will be smoothened, and you will have a younger-looking face. The tightening may not give you the results you want with acne, but the physical removal of skin can get rid of some scars for good.

If you have minimal sagging, a mini facelift will be enough; it requires shorter incisions. You may also need a neck lift to get the best possible results. Facelifts effectively treat wrinkles, deep facial folds, facial lines, sagging jowls, and drooping skin.

Your doctor will likely prescribe you some pain medication after the surgery if you have some bruising, swelling, or pain. You will get instructions on when to remove any drains or dressing and when you need to go for a follow-up visit.

Chin Lifts

Your neck will probably be one of the first places to show your age. A lot of fat may collect under the chin and affect your facial profile. A surgeon can correct these aging signs with a chin lift. Double chin surgery can be corrected using a neck lift, chin liposuction, and submentoplasty. All these treatment procedures will minimize the appearance of a double chin.

You may not be the best candidate for either submentoplasty or chin liposuction if your skin has a saggy loose appearance and it’s not very elastic. The surgeon will probably recommend a neck lift if that is the case. If you manage to maintain a consistent weight, the results from the chin liposuction will be permanent.

Like most surgical procedures, you will probably experience swelling and minor discomforts after the procedure. Your chin and neck skin will feel tight, but it will feel normal again when the swelling and bruising go down. In the hands of the best surgeon, you will have the most natural-looking results.


Recovering from a chin or facelift with acne is no different. The healing is going to take two to three weeks, depending on the surgical approach. You should take some time off to allow yourself to heal. But if you took the chin liposuction treatment, the recovery won’t be more than a week. But everyone is different; ensure you ask your doctor first before resuming normal activities, especially strenuous activities.

You may get the desired results after the first facelift, while there are times a subsequent surgery is needed. If you want to extend the results of your facelift, protect your skin from the sun and keep it moisturized. Stay away from facial products that can cause acne breakouts during recovery and after. A generally healthy lifestyle will keep the inflammation at bay. Work closely with your doctor during the healing process.

Picking Your Surgeon

Look for a board-certified, trained surgeon to do your chin or facelift. It ensures a certain level of education, certification, and expertise. You are already worried about having a surgical procedure on your sensitive skin. You need an expert surgeon to restore your confidence. The right surgeon should have the experience and skills to deliver safe, aesthetically pleasing work. An experienced surgeon has worked with different types of skins before. If he has treated other women with acne, he will be able to address all your concerns before you undergo the procedure.

Final Thoughts

A facelift or chin lift is worth it if you are starting to show aging signs. You can target many signs of aging with one procedure. After recovery, you will have a more youthful and smooth appearance. Minor imperfections on your face will be reduced. You can minimize acne scars as well. Ensure you understand all the safety measures to take before and after undergoing any of the above-mentioned procedures.