Every business needs a dedicated contract lawyer. There’s no way around it. Today’s article will be diving right into the business of contract lawyers and WHY your company needs one as well as a few tips on how to pick the right one for your needs.

Picking the right contract lawyer is not as easy as you may think and there are many factors that need to be kept in mind. The good news is that if you’re looking for contract lawyers Melbourne and its surrounds have plenty for you to choose from.

What is a Contract Lawyer and Why Do I Need One?

There are two interpretations of the term “contract lawyer” which is why many people are confused about what exactly a contract lawyer is.

To some people, a contract lawyer speaks to the term of employment this lawyer is—you guessed it—contracted under. In order words, these people are fully qualified but only render their services as and when needed.

The second interpretation of a contract lawyer is this: a lawyer who specialises in contract law. This is also the interpretation of contract lawyer that our article will be focusing on.

What is a Contract Lawyer and What Do They Do?

A contract lawyer is primarily responsible for the drafting or reviewal of a contract. This type of lawyer is needed for all sorts of purposes from reviewing the terms and conditions of a small business’s rental agreement to the contractual drafting of a multibillion-dollar merger agreement.

Why You Need a Contract Lawyer

Why do you need to take advantage of a contract lawyer’s expertise? It’s simple. Because going without one would be a big mistake that could have potentially disastrous consequences. Here are some of the benefits of bringing a contract lawyer aboard:

  • Professionalism: Many people aren’t familiar with the technical aspects of contract drafting and therefore the results of their attempts are far from professional which could hinder the chances of the contract being accepted & signed. All contracts must be specifically formatted, and nobody knows that better than contract lawyers.
  • Concise wording: In a contract, the wording is everything. In order to be legally and contractually binding the legal language needs to be precise, concise & leave no room for loopholes or misinterpretation.
  • Contractual disputes: If you’re in a contractual dispute and want to ensure a satisfactory outcome, you’re going to want a contract lawyer in your corner. This is even more true in cases where the contract lawyer was the one who drafted or reviewed the contract.
  • Multi-faceted services: A contract lawyer doesn’t just draft and review contracts, but they can also help with the interpretation of contracts as well as the termination of contracts. Further to this, they specialise in contractual claims in areas such as breach of contract, performance claims, damages claims as well as claims for rectification and equitable remedies.

Tips to Picking the Right Contract Lawyer for Your Needs

If you think you’ve found the best contract solicitor Melbourne has to offer, it’s best to be completely sure. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before awarding your business to the first contract lawyer that walks your way.

  • Do they offer a free consultation? The majority of contract lawyers offer an initial consultation free of charge. The reason for this is three-pronged: 1) To remain competitive 2) To ensure that they’ll be able to assist you and 3) So that the pair of you can determine if the partnership will be an ideal one.
  • Are they transparent? When you’re paying for the services of a contact lawyer, you want to be sure that the contract lawyer is the one who will be handling your request and not just their intern or paralegal. However, if they’re transparent about how other team members will be contributing to your case then go ahead and award them your business.
  • What is their expertise and experience? You want the best of the best handling your needs and so it’s important that the contract lawyer you opt to use is extensively experienced in the area you need them to be. Be sure to ask your would-be contract lawyer about their past experience and only go with those who specialise in this area of expertise.
  • Do you want a contract lawyer from a large or small firm? When it comes to the level of service you’ll receive from a contract lawyer, the size of the firm is probably the biggest influencer. Small firms are likely to offer a more personalised approach and a higher level of attention as they typically aren’t juggling too many clients at a time. With large firms you may have to sacrifice the level of service for the resources and manpower that will be dedicated to your account.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what a contract lawyer is, why you need one and how to pick one: go find one! Take advantage of the contract lawyers Melbourne has to offer and enjoy feeling secure in the knowledge that you’ll never be on the signing end of an unlawful contract ever again.