Do Instagram views determine either your marketing campaign is successful or not? But first of all, you need to know how the Instagram algorithm works and how it counts the views of the video.  Does it count the multiple views from the same person or not? If you would like to know how Instagram works then read on to learn more.

How does Instagram count views?

Instagram tracks the video content’ views either you post it on stories, boomerangs, and videos. But the view count might not have too much importance for the casual users but it has a lot of importance for business users. The view count on Instagram determines the success of any marketing campaign. Instagram counts the video views in its own way as more Instagram followers the more count views. It is easy to understand and this rule applies to all type of videos posts. Do you want to know how it works? Instagram count a view when a post is viewed in the news feed of the user.

The video and Boomeranged have no need to play because they will play automatically. On the other hand, stories will not be played automatically. When a video has been viewed for three or more than three seconds then one view will be counted. While when you open the story, Instagram counts it a view. But this rule doesn’t apply on the loop videos.

One important thing that you need to remember is that all videos have to be viewed with the standard Instagram app. Moreover, Instagram doesn’t count the embedded video’ views. Thus, when you view videos from the mobile or iPad count.

Multiple views from the same person

There is a lot of confusion about the multiple views from the same person as people want to know how Instagram count the multiple views. Instagram counts every video view but Instagram divides it into two categories i.e. impression and reach.

Although this classification has no importance for casual users it is a great tool for businesses and advertisers to get insights into the marketing campaign’ overall performance. You can define the reach as it is the number of users who view your post or reached on your post.

You can say that reach is actually the unique post views on Instagram. While the impression is the total post views. For instance, if a video reached one user and he/she viewed the video four times then you will have 1 video view in reach and four video impressions. Therefore, many users visit the best site to buy real active Instagram followers to enhance their social impact.

How to check your Instagram views:

Suppose you have shared a video of your pet cat fighting with the other cat and you want to see how many users have viewed your video. It is simple, go to your Instagram video and you will see the number of views at the bottom of your video post.

When you click on the Instagram views number then you will see who liked your videos and the total number of likes. But Instagram will not give the details that how many times a person watched your video.