Your smile is your introduction to the world — every person even if it is a little flash or glimpse of a smile. Before a word can be spoken, your smile has spoken. Your smile is sometimes a decision making factor in the minds of people you meet and see. Over time, sadly, your smile may lose its sparkle.

Sometimes your sparkling smile gets lost to no fault of your own, a nerve of one of your teeth may have been damaged and turned yellow. Sometimes it’s just the cruelty of aging. The taking of antibiotics or other medications can affect the color of your teeth. Family DNA can have an impact on the color, size, shape, and even the placement of your teeth. Also, stains come from years of drinking coffee, tea, or wine. It could just be the simple fact that the enamel on your teeth is just wearing away with time. As this happens, you may notice your smile just dimming away ever so gradually.

No matter what the reason is for the sparkle in your smile to be slowly dimming, do not despair; bring your smile back. You can make your smile even more brilliant than it was before by getting a simple dental procedure of putting on a veneer. The process is relatively simple, and the value far surpasses the cost.

Custom Beauty Shields Are For You

What is a veneer? They are thin custom beauty shields that are secured on the front of your teeth. According to Dr. Marc Lazare DDS, cosmetic dentist from NYC, he will apply the veneer to as much of your natural tooth as possible. Specialists create these custom beauty shields from porcelain or composite material. You may have never heard of the dental composite before. Dental composite is a resin material dentists use; it usually comprises ceramic and plastic. Porcelain is a little more common. According to the American Dental Association, porcelain veneers last longer.

Protection For Your Teeth

The porcelain veneer makes a smile look beautiful. Porcelain custom beauty shields also have other benefits; they can help add strength to your natural teeth. They are secured on to your natural tooth and can act as a barrier to help preserve your natural tooth enamel.

You may wonder, is the tooth enamel protected under the veneer? Will you still get cavities while it is possible to even get some decay on your natural tooth or a cavity? Usually, this is not the case. The custom beauty plates shield the tooth, creating a boundary between what you are consuming and the natural enamel on our teeth. While the custom beauty shield forms a layer of protection for the tooth, the tooth is still susceptible to decay. The veneer enhances the appearance of your natural teeth and even can help strengthen your teeth structurally. As for decay, it is not all-in-all preventable. Depending on the condition of your teeth, it is still possible for your natural teeth to decay.

Great Way to Cover Decay

A veneer or custom beauty shield can be used to cover up teeth that have a lot of decay. If you are one of those people, who lost the sparkle in your smile because of sugary carbonated drinks or maybe you regularly eat quite a bit of sugary processed foods. You may experience your teeth fade away, as well as being discolored. According to the Academic journals, you can dazzle those pearly whites again. To keep your teeth sparkling for a long time, you would be smart to consider some dietary changes. You would not want any new decay to settle in and blacken your new beautiful smile.

Alternative for Orthodontic Treatment

For a long time, you might have wanted a way to fix your smile. When you look in the mirror, your teeth appear crowded. That overcrowding has been zapping your smile, even though the color of the rest of your teeth is excellent. As you peer into the mirror a little closer, a couple of teeth are longer than the rest, and another tooth faces the wrong way. A skilled dentist can become a masterful sculptor of your smile. Redefining the shape of your teeth and smoothing other teeth into alignment. Then, finishes your smile with securing the custom beauty shields to your natural teeth. Beautiful teeth inside a beautiful smile. Photos of smiles, changed by custom beauty shields as an alternative to orthodontic treatment are available. You can see these photos in the cases journals.

No matter what the reason your smile is not sparkling like it used to. You have the power to make your smile radiate again. A sparkling smile is so vital for your feeling of personal worth and self-confidence. Looking in the mirror and seeing beautiful white teeth. Teeth that are straight, uniform, and the right shape is so thrilling. You will want to show your brilliant, dazzling smile all the time. Remember your smile is your personal, introduction to the world.