bed liner

Today most of the people are spending a lot of money on tucks. To make sure that their investment stays in good condition all along, they are doing a lot of accessories. As a matter of fact, most of the truck owners want a spray-on bed liner. They want their trucks to be protected from water damage, chemical corrosions, salt and rust. They are also shunning the plastic ones because when you put something on it it slide off. That is the main reason why they are going for spray-in liners because it got a texture on it and at the same time it’s very durable.

If you want to make some money, then this is one of the services that you can try. However, before you get into this service, there are several factors that you should consider. First of all you have to consider demand for the bed liners and also the availability of sprayers.

Additionally, you also have to spend some time to figure out the number of trucks that you spray. This depends on whether you are a dealer or not. The good thing is that spray-on bed liners can as well be done to old trucks and there are some of the situations when they need to be redone. On the other hand, the insurance companies are getting a hand on this. They can pay for it in case the bedliners is destroyed in case of a collision, the insurance company will pay.

Types of bed liner applications

Small auto Shops-These are the most common shops. They usually send their customers to other shops for application and at last make some money in doing it in-house.

Mobile business-These businesses have another line of services that are closely related to coating or lining. They usually cover ground and in most of the situations, it’s the owner who does the work.

Auto Dealers-These have competitive bedliner company with speedliner, Line-X, Rhino and many others. They usually have multiple bays at the work place and also have enough man-power to handle large volumes of work.

To be successful on this, you need to use some types of systems that are more cost effective. Some of them include a low-pressure system that uses an air compressor. It means that its less of an investment up front. It also leaves a room for you to upgrade to a high-pressure when the work volumes increase.

Look at the spray-on liner companies

As a matter of fact, there are a couple of companies out there offering these. The other thing is that there are a couple of business models which includes do-it-yourself kits, dealer agreements, high pressure systems and eventually franchise agreements. In most of the cases, people rule out the DIY kit especially if they have huge volumes of trucks to deal with.

Purchase the necessary equipment

After you have made up the mind on which company to go for, the next thing is to purchase the right equipment for the work. It may cost up to $25,000 including the machines that sprays it. It is a wise decision to get a high pressure system because it’s pretty hot and comes out fast and at the same time dries within the shortest time possible. After you are done spraying it, you are supposed to pull the truck outside. If you have a hard time getting a good product, then you can purchase the best spray-in bedliner on LiamsCar.

Writing a Business plan for Truck bed liners business

If your bed liners business doesn’t have a business plan, then you have a long way to go. As a matter of fact, the business is losing a critical aspect of success. Actually business plan serves as a blueprint for success. There are some of the entrepreneurs that write their own business plans but several others outsource the services. However, to make it in this process, you should go for professionally crafted plans to guide them in decision making. Now that you are the main stakeholder in your business, you have to insert yourself in all the stages of plan’s development.

Checking the competition

For any business to succeed, you have to closely monitor the competition and structure strategies of beating it. Long before you start thinking of how to start the business, you should invest some time looking at how strong the competition is. You should get a list of local competitors and eventually know how to fix yourself.

Don’t rule out Franchising

If you want your business to grow, then you need to go the franchising route. If you plan on starting such a business, you should spare some time to check whether franchising might increase your chances of success.

The spray lining and coating opportunities

Every business will not survive in a vacuum. What this means is that franchising is very important in this case. One of the best ways of guaranteeing success is having a couple of revenue streams. The first thing that you should know in this case is that the bed liners business has two markets. The main reason why few people go for this is because they want to focus all their resources in the primary market.

Now that you have decided to go this way, it should start by knowing what you should do and what should conspire after that. If you rely entirely on the bed liners for the primary source of income, you should be very broad in your way forward. I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t enter other customer, industry and agricultural markets. This is to make sure that you double your cash flow.

If you have the gut of thinking about such a job or if you already have it, then you should be very confident in this case and at the same time take full advantage of this industry. It is very easy to start up, expose your business, diversify your revenues and eventually step higher. You can at any time check around to see whether there’s a franchise opportunity for you.