Debunking Commercial Real Estate Misconceptions

The commercial real estate has a higher revenue potential and a stable vacancy rate making it an exciting prospect for investing. If you have been thinking about investing in a real estate, consult Jeffrey Holverson, a real estate expert, who can guide you through the whole process while simultaneously providing your valuable real-estate investment tips to help you separate fact from fiction and know better about the commercial real estate.

Commercial real estate (C.R.E), despite being a lucrative domain is full of ambiguity, since only the insiders like the real estate agent, brokers, owners have access to vital information that people wishing to buy or lease a commercial property could use, per their needs. The assumed complexity associated with investing in the commercial real estate has generated misconceptions, making investor even more apprehensive about purchasing a commercial property.


While it’s true that significant capital investment is needed for commercial property, but only some residential investments are costly. You don’t need to be filthy rich to invest in real estate. Necessary skills and quality of asset determine the success. Non-residential property like small factories, offices is an example of an affordable commercial property.


The price tag on the property is only the asking price of the seller. Each transaction in the term of the lease is distinct with different rates, conditions, and concessions.


Just because you are not writing the check for the commission of the agent, does not mean the service is free. The agents representing each party shares the payment, and it is funded by the tenant or buyer in the form of purchase proceeds or rent payments.


Every investment comes with an element of risk. By staying well-informed and practicing due diligence, one can learn how to manage the risk and yield better benefits. You should seek the help of real estate professional like Jeffrey Holverson, to assist you in better understanding the gravity of real estate concepts and guide you through the process.

Similarly, seek the help of a management company and a commercial listing agent to save time and energy you would be wasting while working for a more significant property.


Complexity accompanies investment of any sorts. What determines the success rate is the skills, knowledge and the support of a real estate expert like Jeffrey Holverson guiding you all the way through the investment. Adequate knowledge and sound advice will help you invest in profitable assets and minimize the possibility of risk.

CRE is an aggressively competitive and contentious business, surrounded by more such misconceptions. Hence it is necessary to have a professional like Jeffrey Holverson by your side when you are thinking about investing in commercial property. With a sound commitment towards his client, he makes sure that the whole leasing process, from helping to find the right property to signing the papers, a smooth operation.