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With the number of brands available in the market today, buying a car can be a time-consuming and daunting process. Aside from using a reputable website such as as your guide, you also have to assess your lifestyle, needs, and budget in order to end up buying the perfect car in Rochester, New York or within your location. Considering all of these factors can be overwhelming, especially if you’re buying a car for the first time.

Different car brands have, of course, different purposes. While some of these brands are better known for depicting luxury and being a status symbol, other brands can perfectly fit the majority of regular car owners. If you’re having a hard time deciding which car brand to buy, pay attention to the list below:

#1. Toyota

Toyota cars are probably one of the most common brands you’ll see in a car dealership. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a brand-new or used car, there will always be a Toyota model available for you. If you’re eyeing to invest in any model of Toyota, it’s best if you also know its pros and cons:

Pros :

  • Lasting value: Unlike other car brands, Toyota is one that has the best retaining value. This means that if you’re planning to sell your car anytime soon, you can sell it for a price similar to the price you’ve paid when you bought it.
  • Great hybrids: If you’re a driver who’s also concerned about the environment, buy a Toyota because this brand is eco-friendly. Several Toyota cars can provide you 45 miles per gallon.


  • Many recalls: Safety and durability are two factors that are important in a car. Although Toyota is made from high-quality materials, there are still numerous recalls in the market for this brand.

#2. Ford

Unless you have been living in a cave all your life, you’re surely aware of Ford. This brand is the maker of famous models such as the Fiesta, Focus, Mustang, and F-series. Regardless of the specification you’re looking for in a car, Ford will likely have a vehicle that fits your needs. Before you invest in any Ford car, be sure to weigh its pros and cons first:

Pros :

  • Focused: Most people think that buying a Ford will cost them an arm and a leg. This is a misconception because this brand actually offers models that are focused on different target markets. You’ll be able to buy a Ford car regardless of whether you’re single, married, or living with kids.
  • Leadership: This company has had a new CEO since 2006. Alan Mulally has years of experience in revamping an organization for the better. His expertise is a guarantee that Ford will continue to soar and become even better in the coming years.


  • Competition: More players are entering the automotive industry. The choice of buying a Ford car will become challenging, especially if you have a wide variety of options to choose from, as some other car makes are cheaper and more advanced.

#3. Volkswagen

Gone are the days when Volkswagen is only known as a luxury car brand. Today, you can buy a Volkswagen that can fit the needs of an employee, parent, and even a senior. Volkswagen now comes in different car models that can suit the budget of the Average Joe. Here are some of its pros and cons before you decide to buy this brand:

Pros :

  • Good interior design: If you’re someone who’s more concerned about the interior of the car rather than the exterior, a Volkswagen can be an excellent choice. Cars carrying this brand are well-known to have cabins that can be a very nice place to live in.
  • Handling: As one way of getting the best price for a car, you would usually search for options in different areas across the globe. If you end up liking a Volkswagen and plan on having one delivered to your residence, don’t worry because Volkswagen follows a superior handling process.

Cons :

  • Parts availability: Regardless of how you take care of your car, there will be instances when you will need to have it repaired or have the parts replaced. And while some car parts can be easily purchased in the market, unfortunately, Volkswagen isn’t one of those brands. Sourcing a single part for your car can require a lot of time, effort, and expenses from you.

Scout For Options

Once you’ve decided which car brand to buy, take your time to shop around. Go through different car dealerships and compare their prices. If you know someone who has purchased the same car brand, ask for their recommendations as well. The time and effort you’ll put into these tasks can help you end up buying the car of your dreams with the best price possible!