Can You Sell a House Without a Real Estate Agent

Property owners or homeowners usually sell their assets for various reasons. The process can be draining and time-consuming. Hence, people prefer to seek the advice and help of real-estate agents for this purpose—however, the process can sometimes be extremely expensive and unfriendly.

Homeowners can take control of this exercise by doing the selling on their own. This can prove beneficial in many aspects.

In this article, we have enumerated some steps and ways you can adopt to sell your house without the help of any real estate agents. These steps are described below:

  • Prepare the House for Sale.

A real estate agent will help you market your home to make sure that it gets noticed and garners interest. They will also assist you in the closing process. However, many homeowners nowadays go for trusted home buyers such as Gem State Cash Offer, especially in urgent cases. 

Real estate agents charge you a fee for house preparation or renovation, before it’s opened for sale. Therefore, this role has to be assumed by the seller. To arrive at the best possible price, make improvements for a good impression.

The following factors can help you prepare your house:

  • Clean the house: If possible, engage a cleaning firm to make your house extremely clean. Ensure all stains and hard to reach areas are well cleaned. Get rid of clutter and personal items to allow buyers to see the beauty of your home. You can also hire a professional to stage your home to make it more appealing for buyers.
  • Make Repairs: Your house is probably aged and needs a fresh look. This can be ensured by redoing the kitchen, tiles, ceilings, shelves, and other necessary accessories and places that might need some refurbishment.
  • Painting: To enhance the look of the house, ensure the paint job is in top condition. Apply fresh paint to flaked walls. Remove customized paints from some rooms. A general paint job enhances the overall feel of the house.

Ample and good preparation of the house is a crucial aspect for increasing the house appeal to the potential buyers.

  • Fix a Price Range for Your Home.

Real estate does the home work for home buyers at a premium. You need to do a thorough investigation of the prevailing prices and the probable value for your property.

Look at the prevailing market prices or websites like for inspiration. On the other hand, you can engage property valuers to determine the face value of your development.

Ensure you fix your price diligently. A fair price can minimize the chance of bargain and ensure you get genuine customers.

  • List your Property in Online Sites and other Selling Platforms.

The next step is listing. You need to have a good description, good images, and a teaser video of the house. These will help you list or market your property on the right platform.

You may use the following platforms to bypass agents: –

  • Social Media Sites: Social media offers limitless potential to home sellers. You can list your timeline and groups. Also, it’s possible to sponsor ads on various social media sites. This can improve the reach at a budget-friendly rate.
  • Talk to Cash Home Buyers: Companies like Cream City Home Buyers, buy homes and properties in their original conditions. It can help you get a good deal quickly. This can be an ideal solution if you are distressed financially.

There are many ways for you to sell your house fast, however, one of the best ways is to go with a cash buyer. When you make a deal with a cash home buyer, there’s no need to worry about not being able to sell your home for a fair price. Plus, you get to spend your time on other important things such as your work or quality time with the family.

  • List in E-commerce Sites: Find appropriate e-commerce to help you with this goal. There are tons of people who visit these listings. These sites are good because they charge negligible fees making them an affordable option.

Take time to present your house well while listing in these market places. Additionally, ensure they are the appropriate platform. The target audience should have the buying power and have a good interest in your property

  • Make arrangements for House Viewings.

The prospects need to examine your house to help in making the decision to buy the property. This consideration needs to be made even when listing the property. Ensure there are contacts in the various sites you’ve listed.

If your work schedules are tight on weekdays, ensure your customers are aware of it. You can easily ask a reliable friend or family member to play the role.

Entice buyers by offering free viewing for serious buyers. This is an investment and gamble you should take to enhance your chances of selling.

  • Prepare for Negotiation.

After your potential customers view the house, genuine and serious buyers will want to negotiate. This is when they discover some aspects of the home that needs improvements. It’s therefore important to be open to negotiations.

Have a set price range that can help structure and control the negotiation process.

Pro Tip: Don’t be too quick to accept counteroffers. Let your negotiations be based on real issues like repairs or comparison to other prices. Highlighting house selling points can improve your leverage power.

  • Engage Lawyers for Documentation and Oversight of the Transaction.

Engage a lawyer to help you draft the sale agreement and documentation of the exercise. This will help you in validation while filing tax returns. Also, you’ll be safe from scammers or nonserious buyers.

Do You Need A Real Estate Agent to Sell A House?

Well, the jury is still out. However, there are routes you can take to enhance the smooth flow of this exercise. Making your house ready and listing it intelligently in listing platforms increases your chances of success.

A broker will be able to do all the legwork for you when it comes to selling your house. But while agents can be useful, they can be expensive. It’s important to remember that you may not always get what you pay for. The price of advertising alone can run hundreds of dollars. If you’re not careful, you may end up spending more on realtor commissions instead of turning in a profit for yourself. It would always be ideal to reach out to a reputable cash home buyer.

Be open to negotiation and be wise about it, this will help close the deal easily. Taking this route in disposing of your house can save you agency fees and offer you a new adventure.