Camping in Switzerland

So you’ve been thinking of planning a trip to Switzerland? You are about to pick one of the most beautiful countries in the world, known for being full of magnificent mountains, stunning lakes, and quiet places that will take your breath away!

Switzerland is a landlocked country in Europe which borders Frances, Germany, Italy, and Austria. But more importantly, it is home to the Swiss Alps, the most prominent mountain range in Europe. 

If you plan to go camping in Switzerland, the best time of the year to go is during May and September. During the remaining months, things get tricky because of the snow and cold weather.

One of the best things about camping in Switzerland is there is a style for everyone. You have everything between glamping, backpacking, and so much more.

Throughout this article, we’ll share with you the reasons why you need to go camping in Switzerland while naming some beautiful campaign locations. And to finish things off, you’ll get some top tips for your journey!

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Three Reasons You Should Camp In Switzerland And Where You Should Stay

You Can Get Close To Nature 

If getting closer to nature is your goal, there aren’t many places better in the world than Switzerland. If you are up for adventured, with a large family camping tent and some time on your hands, you’re in for a memorable escape!

The country is full of beautiful lakes, mountains, and forests to camp next to. Here are a few places you should consider:

Camping Arolla

If you’re looking for mountains, then Camping Arolla is the perfect location for you. It holds the title of “Europe’s highest camping site’s” and sits 1,950 meters above sea level.

You’ll find the campsite in Val D’Hérens-Valais, which is on the footstep of the stunning Alpine peaks and glaciers.

If you’re looking for a breath-taking camping experience, then Camping Arolla is the place for you.

Camping Gravatscha

If you’re looking for a peaceful forest setting, then this is an excellent location. You’ll find it 3 km from Samedan, 5 km from St. Moritz, and 3 km away from the famous ski location Marguns-Corviglia.

The camping site offers a camping experience for fit from anyone. At Camping Gravatscha you can pitch tents, stay in motorhomes and caravans, or stay in stunning rustic bungalows. 

There’s Excellent Outdoor Sports To Practice

For many people, the factor that draws people into camping in Switzerland is the chance to take part in some fantastic outdoor sports. The country is full of hiking, climbing, mountaineering, biking, canoeing, and much more.

But where are the best locations to be if you want to take part in adventure sports?


You’ll find the village close to the border of Italy. The town is known for its stunning chalets and beautiful horse-drawn carriages.

But what makes the village of Zermatt famous is it lies at the foot of the 4,478-meter mountain.

The Matterhorn is a mountain revered by mountaineers all over Europe as the ultimate test of the area. If you’re looking for a hiking trip, there’s no better place to go than the quaint village of Zermatt. 


The Alpine village is known for being the gateway to the 4 Vallées ski area. While skiing the Mont Fort Glacier, you’ll be treated with views of the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc.

If you take a trip to the South, you’ll find the Haut Val de Bagnes nature reserve, waterfalls, and the Mauvoisin Dam.


It’s one of the most breathtaking villages in the Swiss Alps. You’ll find the village surrounded by a cliff face and the 300-meter-high Staubbach Falls.

But that’s not the only waterfall in the location:

If you explore the Lauterbrunnen Valley, you’ll be able to scout 72 waterfalls, making for a stunning adventure. 

Close to the village, you’ll find fantastic viewing stations that look over the glacial water of Trümmelbach Falls.

Switzerland is Great For Friends And Family 

If you’re looking for a place to take your friends and family, there’s no better place than Switzerland. Be sure that most activities, campsite and resorts are more than welcoming both groups of friends and families. 

With so many beautiful villages, waterfalls, mountains, and lakes you can find something for everyone. 

A Few Tips For Camping In Switzerland

So, you’ve got the reasons to go to Switzerland, but before you head out there, here are a few tips to get you going. 

When To Go Camping

If you’re planning to take a trip to Switzerland, the best time to go is between July to mid-August if you want to hike. During these months, you’ll have the best access to the trials and the best weather. 

You’ll find that a lot of tourists come to visit during these months. If you want to avoid the crowds, try and avoid the touristy destinations.

Whatever the season you are choosing, just make sure you have the right gear with you.

The Best Camping Spots In Switzerland

Okay, you’ve already seen some of the best camping destinations in Switzerland. But you might want a few more options. So, here are a few more for you to check out: 

The key to finding the right place for you and your family is understanding what you’re going there for. Try and check out what activities the area offers before you commit to a location.

Final Thoughts 

Okay, you made it to the end of the article, so now you know why you need to go explore what the country has to offer! And camping is probably one of the best way to truly discover Switzerland!

There are so many stunning locations in the country, so you’ll have to pick the ones that feel most important to you and go from there.