10 of the Best Social Media Analytics Tools for Marketers

Being a marketer, it is apparent that you have a great responsibility for your working brand. Tracking a brand’s social media page is a tricky job, and you will need a lot of analytics tools to ease your work. If you are new to the market and wondering which analytics tools to take, this list can act as your savior. 

We have listed the ten most prominent analytics tools that can help you track marketing performance on different social media sites. All the tools mentioned here are quite user-friendly. All you need to do is get access to them. 

#1. Brandwatch

BrandwatchThe Brandwatch gives you all the data regarding the activities of your target audience. As a result, you can easily make an appropriate decision for your business. This tool can provide you access to the broader industry data in which your brand belongs. 


The image analysis feature is present in Brandwatch that can help you uncover different logos of the business. You can also trace the customer conversations on the internet, which concerns your brand. The only effort you have to make is to learn the procedure of handling the app. 

#2. Meltwater

MeltwaterAre you the marketer concerned about improving the PR impact of your brand? Well, choosing Meltwater can be the right decision in that case. It can also show you the online conversations like most other tools. The best thing about Meltwater is its ability to connect you to influencers. 


The Meltwater tool has nearly a million accounts of influencers in its pool. You can easily choose one to give your brand exposure to more people on the internet. Collaborating with a high-profile influencer can get too easy with this tool. This tool can also send you information regarding the analytics regularly.

#3. SproutSocial

SproutSocialApart from the most common feature of all analytics tools that provide social media reports, Sprout Social helps in scheduling. As a marketer, you will not face difficulties with publishing a post on social media. The Sprout Social pool of information is quite enriched. You can get all the market-related information on it. 


Sprout Social gives you a chance to publish articles easily due to its connectivity with multiple channels. A preview option also enables you to go through the content multiple times as you understand what you are posting.  

#4. Keyhole

KeyholeAs a marketer, you would always want to know when most of the target audience are active. You can rely on the Keyhole for this. It can detect the target audience (according to the data you provide) and show you more chances to attract leads.


Keyhole can be the best analytics tool if you desire using an analytics tool for all the jobs. Furthermore, it enables you to connect with the influencers too. Using Keyhole, you can expect getting high audience engagement on your posts.  

#5. ShortStack

ShortStackIf your brand launches a contest on a specific social media site, you can choose ShortStack as the managing tool being a marketer. Mostly, tracking contents on social media sites can be time consuming work, and ShortStack can ease it. 


The best convenience of ShortStack is that it shows the engagement level continuously. As a result, it will be easier for you to select an appropriate type of content for your brand on social media. Furthermore, the ShortStack tool can help you to carry out an analytics campaign on social media handles. As a result, you can restrict yourself from distributing freebies to the people.

#6. TapInfluence

TapInfluenceTapInfluence is yet another analytics tool that can help you to get the best social media influencers. The best you can do is to check all other conveniences of TapInfluence. 


With TapInfluence, you can make social media campaigns easy for your brand. Post scheduling also becomes easy. Besides, you get engagement related reports. TapInfluence can always be your choice of priority for analytics tools as it is free to access and use. 

#7. NetBase Quid

NetBase QuidIf you use NetBase Quid as your analytics tool, expect an outstanding response from it concerning the audience’s voice regarding the brand. All top-ranking brands in the world use the NetBase Quid analytics tool. 


As per the convenience of NetBase Quid, you can consider it unique because it gives you the report related to the customer sentiment. You can not only use it on social media platforms but other websites and forums too. Customer experience and engagement can also be tracked with the help of NetBase Quid. So, any small business organization can use this analytics tool. 

#8. Hootsuite

HootsuiteHootsuite is one of the top-order analytics tools that marketers around the globe use. It is flexible and has a lot of features that make it fit for large businesses. Hootsuite is quite technical, and you need to have good technical knowledge for using it. Also you can check on hootsuite alternatives for easy and quick social media handling.


Hootsuite can give you a chance to access every feature that a primary analytics tool has. The most crucial advantage of Hootsuite is its connectivity with a lot of social media platforms. As a marketer, you can always rely on the Hootsuite tool to help an entire team carry out social media analysis on multiple platforms at a time. 

#9. Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is not an analytics tool, but it deserves a place on this list. Many companies use it to determine the ROI of social media campaigns. As Google plays a vital role in setting the virtual world trends, it can be an excellent option to use this tool. 


Most other tools show you the number of conversations, Google Analytics shows you the number of traffic coming into your social media handle. So, you can quickly determine if you need to dedicate more time to social media marketing. Tracking competitors’ campaigns is another most important thing that Google Analytics allows you to access. 

#10. Hubspot

HubspotLike Hootsuite, HubSpot is another top-order social media analytics tool. It is yet another tool that allows the marketer to publish the analytics tool on social media handles. You can further rely on it for its user-friendliness.  


All Hubspot reports contain graphs and numbers that are easy to access. So, the reports from this tool are easier to access. As a marketer, you will love to get through the reports of this tool. It can show all details of impressions and audience sentiments. 

Final Words

As a marketer, the primary concern for you is to remain relevant to the job role. In such a situation, you need to learn how to use the best analytics tools in the market. 

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You can always start up learning a new tool when it comes to analytics. Even if you are a professional, try being updated and get the best from the market. A social media marketer has high market demand and you can earn a decent sum if you are the best in your work. 

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