Health & Fitness Apps for Android

When it comes to your health what works best is helping your own self!

Repetitious routine destructed mental health, and let’s not get to the poor physical state we all have earned for ourselves over the years. Wonder how we have been surviving for so long, all disgusted with health ailments irrespective of how young or old someone is.

Our life is a gigantic work in progress, from the day one is born until reaching the deathbed. It depends on us what kind of life we desire to live. Healthy and happy or depressed and deprived of all things good! And, to decide this our health plays the lead role.

Living a normal life necessitates work, loads of it! Stripping us of the time we can bequeath to our health and life. We have taken a giant leap or progress in terms of building a safe haven around us, gadgets, mechanical aids etc. do not let us even do our bits to balance life and health.

However, nowadays some health geeks have come up with a few apps to regulate the self-health checkup. They have come up with some fitness health apps that give you a crystal-clear insight of what you are doing to your inside and if not, these fitness apps will help you do something good for it. Let us introduce you to some health apps that are considered the best apps for Android.


We curse ourselves for not waking up early enough but have we have ever thought of doing the same for not sleeping enough. A good night sleep helps cure a lot of ailments.

SleepBot here works as a sleep cycle alarm for the android phone users that sort of helps you balance your work days and resting nights! How? Ok, so you just have to make your phone your sleeping companion as you need to keep it next to you. On doing so, it will start preparing graphs in which you can study your sleeping trends. There are a few factors on the basis of which the application determines this, considering your average sleep duration, snoring habit, how often you move, all these little unconscious activities you do in between the time you go into bed till you move out of it.  Also, you get to alter your records in a day by creating, editing and deleting.

Noom Weight Loss Coach

Need a personal weight loss coach?

It will motivate, push and charge your deepest marrow to build a lifestyle that revolves around keeping yourself fit, healthy and hearty. Just like a personal trainer it will assign you tasks and goals and also keeps a check on how religiously you have been following it. Wait, what if you try to ignore this superb health app reminder. Worry not it also provides you with motivational widgets that will show up on you device screen.


Imagine an app not less than a true friend who keeps a track of your health progress by counting every second you spend walking, sitting, washing off your stubborn fat! Isn’t this really cool? Say hello! To your new friend Fitbit, an android app that graces your mobile phone and life by informing you the steps you took, distance traveled, calories that you will burn as well as your regular new goals. Let it now keep a health check on you, for you!

Home Workout

When you have got a track of your progress then you give yourself a push further to keep getting better. This health app would make you fit the bits and surprise you by displaying a different set of workouts that you can easily carry out at home easily. Worry not it won’t bother you to buy any types of equipment. What’s stopping you to not download this right away? It is easily available on google play.


No workout is complete without making your mind and mouth workout too, by making it chew the healthy foods. Fooducate will do the same for you. It is a nutrition application that features more than 2,50,000 healthy eating options. Make a smarter and wiser decision between the good and the bad food items. Besides acting as a food guide it also keeps a track of your exercising habits, food intake. Although, the entire app isn’t free but you can gain access to it by paying a very nominal monthly fee. Enlighten yourself with what all nutritional benefits your food blesses you with!

BMI Calculator

There are many apps available in the market to calculate the BMI but, this one doesn’t limit itself to this but also goes a step forward by providing some extra features for you to calculate your progress. Mention your height, weight and it will give you a close estimate of your body fat. Followed by giving a few suggestions, like, type of exercises to do according to your body and fat type. It distinguishes different body types and lets you know what type of body fat you have- from “Obese class 3 to being severely underweight”. On the basis of all these factors, it will let you know your target goal. All this you get in one app and that too totally free. What will cost you here is your dedication. Ready?

Now, it is all about putting in zero efforts to get some of the best fitness apps on your mobile phones and that too totally free of cost.

But some of you might still be worried as not every time situation and condition is in our hands there. Some do not find the time whereas some who wish to spare the time is not in their best physical state. This could be because of any reason, maybe some injury, prolonged medical issue or state.

But technology has a solution for this too if, anything is keeping you back from enjoying all the good things in life there are some options to correct that too. Various health care industries have come up with home health care products which can help correct these problems in the comfort of your home without any support. Some of these products are strausberg socks, bunion corrector, mobility scooters, heel cushions, ice therapy systems, medical scooters, tunnel braces etc.  These are a few most looked out for easing the ache for a fitter and better life.

So, every day, step by step, with the right guidance and support keep moving towards your goal of leading a fit life!