Benefits of Having a Deck Oven

Whether you’re a flour-dusted artisan or a baking fanatic in your home kitchen, you’ll know that good bakery ovens are paramount to producing your delicious delicacies. As an art form, your baking is a reflection of your skill and passion – and an unsuitable baking oven can negatively influence the end result of your hard work. There are various kinds of ovens available – but here, we’re looking at the benefits of a particular kind of artisanal favourite – the deck oven – in which the bottom is made from either stone or ceramic. 

Popular among passionate artisan bakers, this effective, low maintenance, and low energy and water consuming kind of oven is known far and wide across the baking and confectionary world as an unrivalled tool for producing perfect pastries, crusty breads with soft centers, and mouth-watering pizzas thanks to their meticulous heat distribution and retention. So, enough with the hype – here’s exactly why this fantastic appliance should become a staple in your bakery.

Efficient Energy Use

Whether you bake at home or in a professional bakery, nobody wants high energy consumption and expensive bills. An energy-efficient oven can save you a lot of money – especially if you bake a lot of produce. A deck oven can save up to 75% fuel consumption in comparison with other commercial ovens, making them a superb choice for saving some dough.

Special Design 

Deck ovens don’t have as many moving parts as most commercial ovens, and they don’t have any rotating trays. They also have one less motor, meaning they don’t use as much power as most other kinds of oven. Plus, with three-phase electric functionality, a deck oven can use efficient exhaust systems, which other single-phase ovens cannot do. 

Higher Steam Retention Rate 

Boasting self-contained steam systems, deck ovens are extremely efficient in their water consumption. They’re able to retain much more steam than other ovens – which typically use a remote boiler system that uses a lot more energy and water. 

Superior Vapor Tube Technology 

Vapor tube technology means that water is converted to steam through sealed vapor tubes. This allows for efficient, effective and even heat radiation that bakes produce without needing any other additional moving parts – like fans. This not only means less energy consumption, but also higher quality, consistent baked goods every time. 

Durability and Longevity

Whilst they’re not the cheapest option, a deck oven is much more durable and lower maintenance than most kinds of oven. You likely won’t need to repair or replace your deck oven or its parts often, which means that by making a higher initial investment, you’re saving money in the long run. 

Sustainability And Higher Profits

With a superior design and outstanding mechanics, a deck oven is a great choice for professional bakers and hardcore baking fanatics. Less moving parts mean less maintenance, and thanks to this type of oven’s ability to bake consistent products, goods remain high in quality and customers are kept happy every time they tuck into their favorites. Overall, low maintenance, high efficiency, low water and energy consumption, and good consistency make this a sustainable appliance that will help to minimise costs and boost profits in the long run.