Aviator Game Algorithm-min

Aviator appeared about 5 years ago. Users quickly fell in love with the slot machine, because it allows you not only to make money, but also to have a great time. The project is dominated by random number generator – it is worth remembering. This means that any tactic does not guarantee a 100% chance of winning, but it is an opportunity to increase your chances of winning substantially.

Let’s talk about 1win aviator. First, we need to understand what the types of information on the chart mean. This is important to understand in order to better understand the principles of the game. Any part of this information will be useful for the user who wants to start making money from the site. With this data, you will be able to make more or less accurate predictions on the portal. This is really useful for you.

There is a graph in the game where you will find the X and Y coordinates. If you think that the airplane is constantly moving up and down, you are deeply mistaken. In fact, the aircraft is moving along a linear function. What does this mean? It is very simple! The multipliers are steadily increasing by the same amount.

In Aviator gambler will find two betting buttons. If you need to make a quick button, the game has that option. Before starting the round it is necessary to decide on the bet. Only after that you can start the plane. Once the corncob will be in the air, then on the screen there will be a button, which is called “Cash out”. This button can be pressed at a time when the user is satisfied with the multiplier, which reached the plane. But remember that the airplane can fly off the screen at any time, so wait a long time is not highly recommended.

Game prediction

At sandiegoaviators.com Any user can try the project. You can not doubt, the game in the emulator will bring a mousse of positive emotions. Remember, however, that it is impossible to know in advance how exactly will behave corncob. However, it is possible to follow strategies that increase the chances of winning. There are many tactics, among which there are options for beginners and experienced gamers. The main thing that you should understand is that such schemes do not guarantee a 100% chance of winning.

When you play Aviator, other players are playing along with you. The club lowers the risks of losing. The result of the gambler will depend on the amount of total bets. Thanks to this approach, there is an opportunity to analyze the situation.

The logic of the game

The mechanics of the gaming machine is very simple. With it anyone can understand. Before you run the plane to look at the chart with the system of coordinates. It was on it you will see a small red plane, which is ready to take off. As soon as the aircraft begins its journey, the coefficient of 1.00 begins to gradually increase. And here you need to keep a close eye on this increase. A long wait will lead you to the loss.

Betting makes before the start of the round. It is necessary to determine how much money you are ready to bet. Never bet if you have problems with your finances. You should have a balance that is enough for several bets.

On the screen you will see how the multipliers gradually increase. You have to wait for a value that will satisfy you. Once the plane reaches this value, you can stop the game. If you manage to do this in time, you will get your winnings.

Game Analysis

To be successful in this project, you need to analyze the behavior of other players who are playing with you in the current session.

When a newcomer comes to Aviator, he thinks that he can win money quickly at the beginning of the game, when the chances of losing are minimal. However, experienced gamblers have long tried this strategy and can say with certainty that the tactic does not work. The airplane can fly for a short time. There are cases when it stops immediately at odds of 1.00, so be prepared for an instant loss. If you are playing on small multipliers, every loss means that you will have to bet a lot in the future to make the loss pay off.

It is important to analyze the behavior of other users who play with you in the session. There is a strategy that allows you to increase the chances of winning. We are talking about the Martingale tactic. The essence is that the multiplier should be more than 2.00. It will be necessary to double the bets every time. If you stick to this strategy, the chances of winning will be really high.

Some useful tips

Never play Aviator while intoxicated, because your mind will be clouded. You will mindlessly bet large sums of money and will not be able to stop in time. If you have been drinking, it is better to leave the game alone and take a little break. When you sober up, go back to the game and you will be able to play the project with a clear head.