Australias Best Co-working Spaces

The great part of being self-employed is you own your time. You can roll out of bed early or late, if preferred, turn on your computer, and take as many breaks as you want. You are the boss, so you set workday etiquette, whether it is taking an hour and a half long lunches to chatting on the phone with family and friends throughout the day. You do not have to worry about taking liberties with a lenient supervisor, as you are the sovereign of your professional sphere.

However, the work has to get done, and even the most lax entrepreneur recognizes that if you do not turn off that cell phone and shorten those lunch and coffee breaks, you might find yourself on your couch or computer working into the wee hours of the next morning. Thankfully, though, Australia’s professional environment offers entrepreneurs and the self-employed co-working spaces that not only promote work productivity but also provide professionals with other highly valued perks and amenities.

Read below to learn about what some of Australia’s best co-working spaces have in common.

Start-Up Assistance

A few co-working spaces focus on start-ups, which is great for those who need extra support in terms of knowledge and networking. Many of Australia’s finest co-working spaces provide entrepreneurs support in the form of learning opportunities and workshops. Whether at the beginning stages of your start-up or expanding, professionals find these office setups attractive.

Sense of Community

The Australian business atmosphere is known for mixing business with pleasure, and if self-employed, you might find working alone at home quite isolating. Some of the most popular co-working spaces promote community in a number of ways. One common thread is these offices share are the various social functions, i.e. happy hour and retreats opportunities, in addition to the everyday interactions that professionals have when engaging each other in an open space.

Furthermore, these interactions encourage an atmosphere where collaboration and networking flourish. Typically, you could be working in a room with professionals from different industries, and these connections could provide you with opportunities that you would never learn about while working alone at home. As well as this, the most popular co-working spaces in Australia create opportunities for professionals to collaborate with diverse communities, which can also open doors for international connections.


Another common characteristic that many of the co-working spaces share is their goal is to provide professionals with suitable office solutions but solutions that fit their professional life and business needs as well.

For example, a few of the more exclusive co-working offices setups are industry specific with some requiring professionals being accepted into the community before being allowed to rent space. Many of these shared offices are industry-specific or have a particular goal in mind, for example, a number of these offices promote entrepreneurial endeavours and others are industry-specific, i.e. technology (Fintech or gaming industry).


While co-working space setups are flexible, in and of themselves, co-working spaces in some of Australia’s urban centres offer professionals some of the most flexible plans. Offices in major international centres across the country provide professionals with flexible renting plans including the ability to work from other locations. Other perks include an administrative staff that is bilingual, reasonable working spaces (desk space, internet support, and 24-hour access), and the ability to expand, if necessary.

Spaces in Common

Shared office space has revolutionised the way in which Australia’s young, upwardly mobile professionals do business today. Co-working spaces that dot Australia’s major cities and local provinces provide professionals with opportunities to work in environments not filled with some of the distractions found at home.

Other common benefits of Australia’s co-working spaces are the ability to get support for your venture, the ability to network and socialise in a community of like-minded individuals, and the flexibility that will allow your business to grow, all things that cannot be found at home while sitting in front your computer eating Weetabix in your pyjamas.