Are Storage Units Heated in the Winter

The freezing temperatures during the last and the first month of the year in Utah can cause some damage to your stored items. When you think you have kept those precious items away from thieves, only to discover that moisture has found a way to damage them. Your desire to keep your items intact while in storage must have led you to ask a question like “Are storage units heated in the winter?”

Yes, some storage units are heated during the winter. They provide extra heat to remove moisture and reduce humidity inside the storage units, only during the winter months. Heated storage in Utah costs more than the regular storage units, and they are usually confused with climate-controlled storage units – which can also be heated in the winter.

Read on to know details of how your items can be stored in heated storage units. You’ll also know where you can have such a storage facility in Utah.

What type of Storage Unit is Heated in the Winter?

To save ourselves and precious items from the detriments of the cold weather, we increase the indoor temperature and prevent outdoor air from coming into our homes; the same principle is applied in storage units.

Storage units cannot fulfill their purpose if they fail to keep the items stored in them free from damage. However, we have no control over the weather and its effects. What we can control is the internal environment of the storage units. Therefore, to protect your sentimental items from being damaged by the cold weather, we heat the storage units during the winter.

The specific storage units that are heated during the winter are called the Heated Storage Units and the Climate Controlled Storage Units. Heated storage units are designed to keep heat in and cold and moisture out. They are best used during the winter months. Climate-controlled storage units are usable during the intense heat of summers and extreme cold of winters.

What Items Can You Store in a Heated Storage Unit?

Every item you can think of storing in any storage unit can have a better chance of being intact in a heated or climate-controlled storage unit. However, these items are better stored in a heated storage unit as moisture can destroy them easily.


Antique furniture holds more value than the eyes meet, and you should save them from danger as much as you can. Your wooden antique furniture is susceptible to mold growth, cracks, peeling, and expansion and contraction when they are exposed to fluctuating temperatures.

Also, your couches and recliners that have leather covers will tear easily after exposure to varying temperatures. Also, mildew will grow on them, causing discoloration.

In a heated storage unit, your wooden furniture can retain its rich color and unique designs as the temperature is constant, and the cold biting wind during the winter has no effect on them.

Important Documents

The importance of documents need not be detailed here but you’ll agree that there are some documents that you dare not lose. While it’s difficult to keep these documents intact for very long, it is possible, especially during the times when you’re not with them personally.

The effect of moisture on paper ranges from causing ink smears to staining them, or outrightly making them unrecognizable. You can save your most important documents from such fate if you have them in a heated storage unit. Documents ranging from property to business are safe in heated storage units as they are under lock and key that only you have.


Preserving the integrity of your clothes depends on how well you keep them from damage, especially when they’re not in use. During the winter months, your summer clothes are folded away in storage, but they are susceptible to mold and mildew growth in storage. Also, putting them in plastic bags may increase their damage as they allow moisture in them.

However, heated storage in Utah will help you prevent all these possibilities. With constant heat, moisture is kept out, and so is mildew and mold growth. Also, your clothes will fit as they used to.

Electrical Appliances

Your electronics are not to come in contact with moisture. Your TV, game console, kitchen appliances, audio equipment, and other electronic appliances are in their best condition when you remove any means through which moisture can reach them. In many cases, people forget batteries in their appliances, and that can cause problems.

However, in a heated storage unit, these appliances have no contact with moisture, and they are kept dry and functional.

Where To Get Heated Storage in Utah?

From South Jordan to Orem, Eagle Mountain, Lehi, and other areas in Utah, you’ll find a host of storage units. However, for all types of storage Lehi Utah, including other areas of Utah, 7Brothers Moving and Storage is the most dependable.

Final Thoughts

Winter in Utah is relatively dry and cold but you don’t want to risk exposing your items, despite being in storage, to moisture. Heated storage units and climate-controlled storage units are available at Lehi Utah, with 7Brothers Moving and Storage for your furniture, electronic appliances, clothing, and documents.