Android Games

Mobile gaming is becoming ubiquitous in popularity. It has even grown more than some PC and console gaming counterparts. In 2014, mobile gaming generated global revenue of 17 billion dollars. This number is expected to increase to up to 30 billion dollars by 2018, which is equivalent to approximately a quarter of the total games revenue worldwide.

Everyone loves gaming, and since the introduction of Android phones, people have become crazy about the games. It has enhanced convenience by allowing game lovers to enjoy their games from anywhere and at any time. That is not all; lots of the games on the Play Store app are entirely free, and anyone can download them. Game developers like Stephane Portha are working extra hard to come up with new and better versions of games every day to see everyone’s need covered.

Playing video games comes with lots of benefits, but did you know that it helps in improving your brains functionality and keeping your mind woke. There are many android games online that you can download, play during your free time and you will realize an improvement in how fast you think and how it will improve your memory. Here is a look at some of them;


This is a well-designed Android game that plonks your character on a dangerous planet, and your mission is to build a base, beat your enemies and escape back to space. Its design is simple and fun and even better, it has a streamlined inventory which makes it easy for you to harvest resources and design a base.

Hungry Dragon

In this game, you will be playing the role of a dragon where the game is to destroy villages, smash through obstacles and also eat the villagers. As you progress, you will be collecting more and more dragons that can help you rampages and help you earn points.


Do you love racing? This could be the game for you. In this game, you need to have your belt at an insane speed as you spin your vehicle in a manner that would make your insurance company angry and term your policy as invalid. You, however, have to ensure that you do not get into an accident. The vehicle will be moving on rails thus giving your mind a sense of focus as you try to make it on time.

Evoland 1 and 2

These are one of the unique Android games using a variety of gaming mechanics. These include classic fighter, trading cars, puzzle, and RPG. The games have different switches, and each one of them helps you to change the graphics to suit the particular part of the game. You get to play these different forms that require concentration if you want to reach your target.

Pubg mobile

In this game, you are required to skydive to Erangel Island and hunt and kill. You can also take on 99 people with the similar idea, but at the end of the game, there will only be one winner.


Developed by Stephane Portha, this is a game that you can play with thousands of players as you explore the world using different weapons such as bows and bombs. The best part is that you can customize your character and that’s not all; you can chat with other players and send messages. You can learn more about the game and the developer on .

Do not be left behind. Keep your mind busy and active by downloading one of these fun games and see just how much it can change your lifestyle.