Hunt Down 2017's Most Expensive & Cheapest Destinations

It’s important to make a travel plan after every quarter. It helps you to experience inner peace and also learn things which you cannot learn inside a cubicle. It changes your perceptions and makes you a better person.

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Let’s discover some amazing places on Earth, which can make your travel experience bigger and better. For convenience purpose, we have included both budget and expensive destinations in the world.

Top 5 Cheapest Destinations in the World

Top 5 Cheapest Destinations in the World

#1. Thailand :

  • Believe me; visiting Thailand can cost you less than traveling to a nearby local place.
  • It is a perfect destination for backpackers and has got some great idyllic islands. Equipped with a rich culture and filled with beach nuts aplenty, it has some tantalizing cuisine and adventure galore available at very low prices. You can also buy electrical equipment without any issues

#2. South Africa :

  • Considered as a hidden gem, it is possible to enjoy a hidden safari without encountering a budget-breaking bill.
  • Just head straight to Hluhluwe-Imfolozi to see the white rhino OR go for superlative hiking experience at the Drakensberg; you will feel great and wonderful all the time.

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#3. Vietnam :

  • Vietnam is equipped with sublime countryside views including the limestone karsts of the north to the waterways and paddy fields of the Mekong Delta.
  • Not only this, the blissful beaches and frenetic cities give a special meaning to the travel. And yes, this all comes at a price too!
  • You can also enjoy roadside cuisine in just a couple of dollars.

#4. Uruguay :

  • Uruguay is a defining place in the history and one of the less-known travel destinations in the world.
  • You will love eating steak and other food items here. There are some awesome and lovely beaches to choose from in Cabo Polonio for quieter sands and abundant wildlife also. You can enjoy a lot in the gorgeous old capital of Montevideo.

#5. India :

  • India remains one of the top tourist destinations and offers versatile travel options. You can opt for Kailash Mansarovar tour (I will consider the tour as neither budget-friendly nor expensive due to the logistics issues).
  • Though Kailash tour is only for religious followers of Lord Shiva, it is also an iconic destination for the hikers and one can easily do hiking without any issues there. You need to contact a travel agency in Tibet to make arrangements as you will require a lot of local help. And yes, don’t miss the epic Tajmahal during the night!

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Top 5 Expensive Tourist destinations in the World

Top 5 Expensive Tourist Destinations in the World

#1. London :

  • London is one of the expensive travel destinations in the world.
  • With an average hotel price at $177 per night, this place is definitely costly as compared to other destinations.
  • However, where else you will find the amazing Big Ben?

#2. New York City :

  • So, New York City is costlier! Period!
  • Known for its ritzy brownstones, swanky restaurants, high-end shops and refined nightlife venues, New York is the ultimate tourist destination.
  • Watching the epic Times Square is an event in itself! You must give it in once and visit this amazing city.

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#3. Paris, France :

  • Paris is an amazing city and considered as one of the best romantic city in the world.
  • However, it is expensive (especially if you want a hotel with best facilities or near to the Eiffel Tower location).

#4. Vienna, Austria :

  • Vienna offers amazing and breathtaking scenes.
  • However, people prefer to rent an apartment as hotels are very costly here in this country.

#5. Mount Everest Base Camp Trek :

  • Conquering Mount Everest is one of the most daring and expensive things in the world.
  • Just glancing at the epic Mount Everest from the base camp is enough to give you Goosebumps! You cannot just explain that feeling. You need to have any altitude experience or need to be physically fit.
  • You must know how to control your breathing and also ensure there are no issues in terms of finding the right gear also. The gear must be solid else you may lose the grip and end your life.
  • You need to maintain hydration to ensure there are no problems at all at higher altitudes. You need to be slow and steady to win physical and mental battles all the time. Avoiding maximum exposure to the Sun is important to keep a track of your health.

Conclusion :

  • Now, as you are aware of the top 10 cheapest destinations, you can make solid travel plans right now.
  • However, taking travel help, advice, and packages from a local agency is best to help you out. There are many tricky situations like understanding the traffic rules in Dubai or arranging a helicopter for the full-moon Kailash Mansarovar tour requires expert local advice and intervention.
  • Enjoy your budget or luxury holidays as everyone needs a change!

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