WordPress Theme

One of the most critical factors, which come into play when designing a WordPress website, is theme selection. With countless WordPress themes for personal website available on the World Wide Web, selecting a theme for your website is exceedingly arduous, demanding, and requires a lot of efforts. After all, it is a question of your website and a good theme plays a vital role in determining the incoming traffic.

We all know there are free WordPress themes as well as premium custom WordPress themes available. In this post, you will learn as to why you should prefer premium/paid WordPress themes over the free ones for your website.

Why you should go with Premium WordPress Theme?

Following are some of the major points that clearly indicate that going with a premium WordPress theme is exceedingly ideal for your website.

  • Impeccable and Immaculate Support

If you are a beginner and don’t know enough about coding, then you are, definitely, going to miss support by going for a free WordPress theme. Premium WordPress themes come with their own forum on which you can ask all the queries and the questions that you might come across while utilizing the paid theme. The best part is that you require asking questions rarely because the majority of the times the question that you are going to ask already exists in the forum.

  • Availability of drag and drop facility

Most of the premium WordPress themes come with an options panel through which you can drag and drop various items directly onto your website. This is extremely beneficial for those who are not that much involved in coding.

  • Compatibility with the latest WordPress version

Please note that free WordPress themes rarely receive updates. Hence, a free theme might get incompatible with the later versions of WordPress, which is notoriously famous for unscheduled updates. On the other hand, premium WordPress themes receive periodic updates and they stay at par with the current WordPress version. Moreover, periodic updates ensure a steady supply of new features as well.

  • SEO-structured

Search Engine Optimization or SEO goes a long way in ensuring a good position for your website in search engine rankings. Majority of the premium WordPress theme developers keep SEO in mind while creating a theme. Many developers declare the SEO-friendliness of their premium theme by labeling it as SEO-optimized.

  • Clean Code

A theme might look visually appealing on the exterior; however, a good visual appeal doesn’t guarantee a clean code. Hence, you might face a problem with Plugins and website load time. However, if we specifically speak about premium WordPress themes, which are SEO-optimized, the factor of website load time is vital in designing the theme. It is needless to say over here that if your website loads fast, it is bound to attract more visitors.

Final Words

By now, you must have learned as to why you should prefer a premium WordPress theme over a free one. In short, a carefully selected premium WordPress theme goes a long way in ensuring smoothness and stability for your website.