Top Features of Shipping Management Software

Strengthening supply chain management has always been a matter of great interest among economists and policymakers across the globe. According to the World Economic Forum, the meticulous use of data and technology can play a key role in it. 

Organizations are now expected to invest more in improving their shipment process and technology for a better customer experience or CX. Today, customers not just want high-quality products, but they also want the same in time. That’s why most companies are now integrating relevant shipping software into their shipment process.

The software also keeps tracking inventory, order delivery, the number of goods in transit, and costing, besides letting customers know the movement of their parcels.

If you want to enhance the quality of your shipment process, using appropriate software can be beneficial. But it can be overwhelming as too many shipping software apps or programs are available online.

Watch out for these features while choosing the ultimate shipping software for your business. 

Advanced Order Management System

It’s an interesting system through which the company can execute delivery one after another without any confusion. 

Whenever a customer books an order, the logistics manager doesn’t need to coordinate with the team for it. The tool automatically alerts the logistics personnel of the forthcoming order using its intelligent delivery scheduling feature.

The software comes with an intuitive interface, making it easier for supply chain professionals to schedule their forthcoming pick-ups and deliveries chronologically. The software also allocates the particular scheduling and delivery task to a particular resource, streamlining the process. 

Real-time Tracking and Updates

The shipping software you use should be GPS-enabled. It makes the parceled items traceable. As soon as customers book an order online, they want to keep tracking the same. Using the latest features, such as GPS and unique consignment codes, the customer can be kept informed about the movement of the goods. 

The software should have the necessary feature to help the customer know the expected date of the delivery of the product, along with its real-time movement and live updates on an hour-by-hour basis. In addition, on the day of the delivery, high-quality shipping software such as Cario helps the customer know the contact details of the delivery executive for further communication. 

Live delivery tracking is essential because many customers make payments for products at the time of booking their order. 

They might be under stress when they don’t know the parcel’s whereabouts for which the payment was already made. In such a situation, the GPS tracking feature helps them know the real-time movement of the goods and the expected delivery date.

User Friendliness

The delivery personnel don’t have much time. Therefore, the shipping software should be flexible, with an interactive interface, an attractive design, and a smooth navigation panel. If the shipping software is easy to handle and takes less time to understand, it simplifies the delivery system. 

Delivery Data Analytics

Shippers should use the dedicated software to track any unforeseen situation, such as when the parcel has been detained for any reason at the port, and know the actual cost of any demurrage that has to be paid for it. 

Thus, the shipping software app can help keep you informed about the ordered goods. For example, if a shipment or parcel has been stopped at the port in the absence of proper documentation, the app can send an automated alert to the shipper about it. On receiving the message, the shipper can take appropriate action so that the delivery process remains undisturbed.

Now that you’ve understood all the relevant features of shipping software let’s take a look at some of its undeniable benefits. 

  • It enhances your incredibility in the business.
  • Customers might ignore you if you don’t provide them with order-tracking facilities.
  • It reduces the overall cost of logistics operations.
  • It makes your delivery process simple and stress-free.
  • Using cargo monitoring software (shipment software), the shipper stays up-to-date about the goods in transit.
  • The shipping app enhances the workers’ efficiency in the logistical process and boosts the supply chain command.

In Conclusion

The use of a shipment tracking app is essential as it makes the process of communication easier for the shipper and delivery team. 

Now, instead of responding to customers, which could take a lot of time and effort, the app can keep the customers informed about their goods in transit in a single click with complete satisfaction.