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Technology makes everything happen these days. Be it business, home or any other part of human lives. Technology has even reached parts of the universe (space, depths of earth, etc.) where humans even cannot exist. In this article, we analyze what technology breakthroughs in 2021 shall shape the coming years of mankind in terms of usability in daily lives.

Technology in itself has been the biggest trend of the world since many years and the situation is to remain the same for eons of years to come. Everything, every industry in one way or the other is mostly based on or is vehemently supported by technology. The string of events, incidents and breakthroughs as well as their overall effect on mankind has ensured it to become the ‘era of technology’.

Man is getting smarter by the day as all his devices are going smart. Beginning with the basic computer, then the higher end ones, laptops and now to the varied smart devices that control our time (smart watches), our day-to-day chores (smart water heaters, smart water filters, smart tv’s, smart cars, etc.) to our lifestyles (smart homes, etc.), we as mankind have been able to easily develop and adopt everything technology based. Obviously, they have been making our lives easier and more comfortable. But, the industry itself has been through its own fair share of ups and downs. There have been trends, strategies and farsightedness that has enabled it to grow through these phases into the most powerful industry on earth today.

Technologies to the Future..

Let us now focus on trends that we think will shape the present and the near future of technology innovations to come:

  • Social Media Platforms: The world is suddenly a very small place to live in. With everybody  being continuously connected to their loved ones and acquaintances and even indirect contacts, we seem to head into a space where slowly everyone would know everyone. We all might consider our lives disconnected, but are more connected to others than it ever was. This has been majorly due to the phenomenon success of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. as well as mobile applications including whatsapp, Snapchat, Telegram, etc. This breakthrough is sure to spread its wings further within our lives and minds.
  • Smart Wears and Smart Life Enablers: These are the smart gadgets that now seem like a necessity (have been with us for only a few years now!!) in our lives. This includes our smart watches, smart home utilities like smart fans, smart televisions, smart curtains, smart lights and what not. The trend is further going to mushroom into more smarter devices with much powerful and functional technology backups.

Gadgets like GoogleHome and AmazonAlexa are further automating our lives with an easy process of user  choices and recommendations through voice automated search engines and setups.  Their technology enables easy control of other smart devices. This technology offers a bright future, both in terms of user experience as well as data collection and analysis.

  • Security Issue Resolutions: ‘This is gonna be huge as it is gonna affect everyone’. With the advent of technology in each sphere and aspects of human life, our privacy is now at severe risk. We need to understand that ‘technology’ is completely man made and so are its security safeguards and risks. As a result, there is always going to be a human mind capable of developing a newer technology that may surpass the walls put in. This is called hacking and it is going to be a real world fact till the time there is technology. So, safer use of technology and stronger safety nets for protection are going to be a necessity. Technologies that can help safeguard privacy and data like Blockchain, etc are thus, going to be on a constant rise.
  • Technology Led Business Aggregators: They are already on a  high. Uber, Ola, Zomato, Swiggy, etc. are technology led platforms that aggregate and augment small businesses of different industry verticals. Their services allow the user to engage in various options and choose the one best suited to them, at a particular time. These platforms are here to stay and industries that have not yet seen such kinds of developments are sure to witness these kinds of developments in one form or another.
  • Robotics: This is an extended field of technology that is gaining momentum by the day. Robots are human like machines that are enabled to listen to, analyze and act as per human instructions. Mostly, powered by Artificial Intelligence, robots for home cleaning, serving people, robots in industries, and many other prototypes and developments are already doing rounds and testing waters of the consumer industry.

As per an IFR (International Federation of Robotics) release, close to 2 million units of robots are to be installed within 2021 to 2022 in industries worldwide.

The segment is touted as the next hotspot vertical of technology.

  • Artificial intelligence will be the new normal: This goes without saying. All the above stated trends and technology based utilities are being designed to utilize artificial intelligence tools and aggregated data in one way or another. Artificial Intelligence is already being adopted by most technology tools even utilized by medium and small scale businesses.


Technology is like a ‘vehicle’  (with mankind the passenger), that has traversed a long empathic journey, from inception to where it has already reached. The good news is that it is now relatively a better version of itself (than before) and all geared up for the journey to greatness ahead…

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