Studies Abroad

If you ask people who studied abroad, they’ll more likely confirm that it was one of the best life experiences. And we can imagine why: there seems to be no better option but to live in a rich big city full of beautiful historical places. If you made up your mind to study abroad, don’t think that it is like an extended vacation. Studying abroad proposes a lot of opportunities that will widen your horizons, so don’t let them go to the drain. Unsure how to go about it? Take it from our guide.

Learn the native language

It might surprise you, but a big number of study abroad programs are out there which do not require students to learn the country’s language. So why would you do that? If you travel and walk around the country without knowing its language, you will probably miss out on many things. It’s like looking at the cover of the book and presuming you know the content. By the way, if you have no time to do your homework or write an essay when discovering new places, it’s OK to address to a reputed online term paper writing services like from time to time.

We want to draw your attention to Education First International Language Campuses. This program has been popular among students for over 50 years so far. EF’s courses focus on the complete language immersion offering seven languages which are spoken across the world. Moreover, these courses are much more fast-paced and comprehensive than a usual language class at your college. You move up a level in four or six weeks, comparing to the whole semester. What does it mean? You will be able to talk easily and respectfully with the locals about their culture and learn more about the lifestyle in no time.

EF’s teaching methods are well-tried and true. If you’re worried that you will be lost right away, EF classes are small and group students according to age and language ability. At least if you have no idea how to say “hello” in the language you are planning to study, you won’t be sitting right next to the one who is fluent and feels discouraged. Moreover, the course is designed in a special way and has three main components: general dynamic language classes, special interest classes, and project-based classes. Many students after just one week start to understand what the locals are saying. With a progress like this, you’ll be able to follow street signs to find a little sweet shop that you have been dying to visit, and order meal with new friends at a restaurant speaking fluently to the waiter.

Live with a host family

Trust us, it is so much better to live with people who speak your target language even though the thought of it might be intimidating. The EF host family will help you with cooking meals and share own eating style with you. All in all, you will face the conversations at some point with the family members and will have to master at least basics to explain things (which is a big benefit). They will also teach you phrasal expressions, and it will be a great plus in the long run. Think of another reason why to stay with EF family: you can turn to people who know the city inside out. If you have a question about locations, do not Google it and simply address to the EF family, they probably know which areas are the best and which ones should be avoided.

Venture beyond the city

No matter which city you choose to live in, do not stay there all the time. While you are in the country, go to different places and see as many sightseeing attractions as possible. Do not limit yourself to one place, go beyond it and explore. During the weekend, take a trip to another part of the magnificent country you temporarily live in. Get a full picture of the culture and country. The EF representatives who are responsible for you during your whole time abroad can provide you with the information you need in case you want to travel. You can count on the EF’s team support: they always help students with public transportation and route. It would definitely be a waste of one’s lifetime opportunity if you go to another country and stay within same neighborhood all time long, so get your camera into the bag and venture for a nice roundabout trip!