Pakistani Dresses

KHAS is a brand that has grown over the years, expanding its operations worldwide. Showcasing Pakistani dresses in different countries in aims to share Pakistani craftsmen ship, giving the world an insight into the skills and talent of the locals of Pakistan. The attention to detail in the delicate hand-made designs. Appreciating the hard work and dedication of these locals to keep the Pakistani culture alive, passing traditional design techniques to future generations. 

At KHAS, our designers work effortlessly to produce Pakistani dresses that are unique and depict Pakistani culture and heritage. Designs range from traditional to modern, bringing out aesthetics from modern day Pakistani pop culture and dating back to the Mughal era. The printing blocks and color schemes in the embroideries are chosen carefully, respecting the designs of past Pakistani dresses transforming them into something new. Appealing to the future modern, younger generations.

Introducing some of our KHAS collections:

Starting off with our Winter Collections, KARANDI & KHADDAR laced with rich designs on warm color bases, perfect for the winter. Pakistani dresses in their purest essence. Crafted to remind you of home. Deep red to green and dusk everlasting shades collection with heritage touch designs complety showcase local tradition in modern touch. 

SURAMAYA LUXURY PRET, made with top quality KHAS velvet. Pakistani dresses that shield you from the winter breeze, keeping you warm and cozy whilst looking fashionable. 

Mid-season, just like coming spring days these designs our delicate, ethereal just like the botanical blooms spring season brings with it. Bursts of color everywhere, blue sunny skies, rainbow hues drawing you in. Unearthly fragrances brimming with enchantment. KHAS has brought you collections as exquisite and majestic as spring itself.

CHARBAGH LUXURY & MAHJABEEN LUXURY CHIFFON. Scarlet Features, entrancing, bewitching designs inspired by the soul of springtime. Woven fabric, detailed artwork in form of rich embroidery, laces addition, and much more.

Artisan pattern with modern cutwork that calls a perfect assemble for the summer season and KHAS know your needs that is why bring for you AANGAN COLLECTION. Light tones shades, beautifully crafted embroidery parts with laces, and patch borders will never let you go anywhere to choose more. The Asian aesthetics story complete here when you adopt the style of KHAS in Eastern valley.

Our Loungewear consists of Vast range for girls and women, satisfying all ages and sizes. Soft, stretchable fabric to help you relax and catch up on sleep. Stylish enough to wear on your morning walks without feeling the need to change or cover up. Comfort at its best.

Last but not least point of accessories at KHAS which involves women’s bottoms, shawls, and stoles to complete your closet and your attire detail so that you may go out with a perfect look. Fabulous CLASSIC CASHMERE SHADED and floral pattern printed shawls are the real image of Pakistan in a modern style. Basic stoles with Stoles remind the rich history of Mughal art that you must be the love of layering in the USA to present your country style. Those bottoms at KHAS are giving you the right choice with short shirts and KURTIS. Simple, lining, and floral designs are the perfect combination for casual wear.  

So do look up KHAS and find whatever pleases or suits your style, our collections present you a wider variety of designs and colors. Find something for every occasion be it casual or formal. You will not be disappointed. Outstanding quality Pakistani dresses with modern cuts, embroidery, and embellishment.