Undoubtedly, football has a great attraction. It became the most popular sport on the planet and was honored as a king sport. Hundreds of millions of fans in different continents are ready to cheer for football matches at the stadium or wake up to watch live reports of those competitions on television. However, not merely passion, football also gives people valuable lessons that not everyone knows. See what lessons are there:

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Teamwork is a tremendous power

Football is a sport that promotes teamwork. When you live in a corporate environment, individuals will never shine when there are no teammates nearby. So don’t be fooled by having some talent and isolate yourself from that group. Similar to other areas, live and work in teams, developing teamwork to improve yourself. You will be removed soon!

Once you join a team, hide your ego. To contribute to accomplishing something bigger than ourselves, we have to be the same goal as our teammates. If everyone still maintains their point of view, that team will never succeed.

In the days of hard training, you can collapse. Try to overcome it. Teammates find themselves happy in helping other members. Through sports, we can create a future generation that knows how to help each other.

If not successful, keep trying

Each year there is only one team winning the Super Bowl (the NFL championship), and this means that other teams will face defeat. Should they give up? Of course not! Find your mistake, fix it, and try again for the tournament next year. It is an excellent lesson for all of us because failure is just a temporary problem.

To succeed, you must try hard

You cannot win forever

No team can win forever. As New England Patriots won 18 consecutive tournaments in 2011 but still lost the Super Bowl. No matter how good you are, you will eventually lose something, and you must be prepared for this. No one always wins and adjusts his expectations accordingly.

You need to work hard and discipline

All football players must practice every day to maintain physical strength. It also means that they must carefully control their diet and take responsibility for errors. So is life. You should always be disciplined with exercise and have a healthy diet; otherwise, it will affect your health. When you do anything, you are responsible for it. If you are not disciplined, bad things will happen.

Individuals do not make a victory in football. The whole team did that. During a training session, you make a mistake; the team will be affected. If a person is late, the team will likely be penalized.

Nothing is forever

Great players appear, rise to the top, then they will have to retreat, giving way to the next generation of young stars. Nothing can exist forever. You must be willing to give up some people, some things and enjoy what you have. Those changes will give you a great start to future life that you can’t predict. In any case, be brave and ready to receive changes that can fill your life with joy and happiness.

Each team member must share the will

Your job depends on how other people work and vice versa

It can be said as an extended lesson of teamwork. If the players are not playing well, their coach will be blamed. The coach cannot encourage his players; then the managers will have to hire another coach. If the manager makes messy decisions, the owner will replace him. The problem is not who you are in the team, but the work of others will depend on how you work. In reality, life is the same. Your boss needs you to work; he will hire you. If you are the manager of an area and no one under your management works well, you will be fired. So, even for those with insignificant jobs, it will also have an impact on the work of others.

Learn to sacrifice

If you are not a gifted person, you need to practice even hundreds of times more than others. You have to get up from 4 am. It takes a lot of time to practice more. No fruit is formed without sweat and tears. You have to accept that. Otherwise, you will be the loser.

The enemy is emotion

In addition to the occasion of celebrating because the goal is out, the players who show off their emotions on the pitch will create the psychology for the whole team. Many goals have been scored from penalties, corner kicks – that is the result of the ball that the opponent does not keep calm and makes mistakes. In football as well as in life, you need to stay calm and not let emotions dominate decisions.

Never bring a negative attitude when pursuing your passion. For example, injury is inevitable in sports. You may feel bitter, you can give up, or you can continue to strive for your purpose. Some people carry negative attitudes wherever they go, they even spread it.

Many strikers have scored by running up and hitting the ball into the goal. The lesson to be learned is that even though touching the ball on the head is very painful, but to score the goal; this sacrifice is worth it. In life, you also need to keep your head awake to make the right decisions.

Keep your head awake to make the right decisions. Source: Ngoac.TV

Luck is sometimes significant

In football, luck is a crucial factor. No matter how hard you try to play, if you’re a little lucky, you’re still a loser. Luck is also part of life; it is not everything. However, sometimes, just a little chance, you can do wonders.


Luck is not falling from the sky. The trick is to create a chance. Just watch a World Cup match in 2 minutes, you will see the players rolling on the field, face wrinkled face even though the opponent has not touched them, and maybe it will be love Mutations for the match. The capacity is redundant, but there is not a bit of “dirty thing,” you can hardly create victories at the decisive moment

Be wise

It’s weird to have a ball game where the attack comes from just one way. That game will have no meaning if your opponent is too weak or vice versa. Your opponent can guess your every step, your tip. You have to be prepared to fight and don’t become too easy to guess.

So is life. It will continuously put you in a situation where you have to compete with others. If you become easy to guess because there is only one thing that you can do well, you will give your opponent a significant advantage. On the other hand, if you keep them discreetly, you give them more to think. It makes their life more difficult and makes it easier for you to be effective with what you do well.

From the lessons above, we know that in addition to the fierce battles, football also gives us incredible values. Always remember, follow your passion; success will follow you.