Italy Travel Tips

Italy is considered one of the most delightful countries to travel to in Europe. There are beautiful works of colorful architecture, art, and history. Even the cultural essence of the place is unique. The food and the wine have also captivated many hearts. Especially if you trust choosing the best of Italy vacation packages to a professional, who will take care of all the details and organize you a top-notch itinerary. There cannot be a person who does not want to return here after visiting Italy.

Before you start to pack your bags, there are some tips you should know before traveling to Italy. Let’s look after them: –

  • The language- In Italy, there will be a lot of people that might speak in English but the natives might not speak in English and use Italian. Before you reach Italy, you should at least know the basic Italian words to speak, for which you can download a helping app named Duolingo. With this, you can easily learn some Italian phrases that might help you.
  • Wine should be tasted– Going to Italy and not trying a glass of wine will be a huge mistake for all the wine lovers. Italy offers the most delicious wine, Tuscany.
  • Don’t miss Gelato– Gelato is the best ice cream in Italy that can not be found anywhere else in the world. It is very cheap and found on the streets of Italy. You must have it after lunch.
  • Always carry money- Card payments are accepted everywhere, but you should always have some notes and coins with you in case you need them in a small shop.
  • Tourist tax is charged– For every visitor in Italy, there is always a tax charged. These taxes are paid in the apartments and the hotels only in cash.
  • Avoid using plastic bags– If you are visiting the market, you should never carry plastic bags as they charge an additional cost. Instead of it, you can carry jute bags or paper bags.
  • Use your hands while speaking– In Italy, there is a culture of using hands while conveying your messages to someone. They are gestures to make them explain exactly what you are trying to say.
  • Go for a sweet breakfast– The usual Italian breakfast includes orange juice, a cappuccino, or coffee with a sweet pastry which is the best to start your day from.
  • Taxi is expensive – getting around Italy can easily be done by public transport. Regardless of are you just traveling between different city districts or have some long-distance travel in mind like taking a Rome to Venice train – you can rest assured that it will be a smooth experience, so there is really no need to overpay for a taxi.


Italy can assure you the best experiences of your life. Whether it’s food, fashion, places, people, or culture, everything is worth experiencing in Italy. Just make sure to consider the above-mentioned tips before planning a trip to Italy.