When it comes to sending and storing your goods, every detail counts. You need to take into consideration the affordability, reusability as well as the durability of your product. Depending on your merchandise, however, not all packaging is equal.

Traditionally items tend to come in large oversized boxes. These items then need to be individually removed, packaged again and displayed. The boxes are broken down and typically discarded until the next shipment.

Thankfully the packaging industry has gotten a huge makeover, and most companies are enjoying the updates. Large awkward boxes are a thing of the past, instead, eco-friendly individualized goods are the trend.

Here are just some of the amazing ways paper sacks are cutting down the bulk and the waste:

  • Coffees and Teas-The right paper sack can make all the difference in your Coffee and Tea business. Not only do paper sacks come specifically crafted for their use, such as an aluminum foil ply, they also can be branded to meet your marketing needs.
  • Chemical and Construction Products-If you are in the chemical industry or just need a specialty paper sack that will protect your items with their high-strength and inner lines, look no further than specialty or bulk bag items.
  • High Volume-Paper sacks can hold up to 100 kilograms of weight and big bags as much as 2000 kg. If you have a pet chain, construction company and need cement or even a nursery and require big bulk fertilizer packaging paper is the heavy duty answer you’ve been looking for.

Marketing and Branding

Paper sacks are a fantastic way to show off your brand and market your business. This eco-friendly option can be used for handmade soaps, coffees, teas, different seeds, nuts and granulated  You can order your paper products with a clear window as well as branding messaging.

Your brand is your calling card, paper sacks can be printed with logos and language. Since paper is such an affordable resource, using them allows you to market and package on a low budget.

Environmental Considerations

Surely you’ve noticed that plastic sacks in grocery stores and big-box retailers are becoming obsolete. With environmental concerns on the rise its no wonder that plastic is slowly being etched out. Plastic is a non-disposable non-biodegradable product that causes harm on land and in oceans, that can devastate the local animal population. Paper sacks, specifically recyclable and biodegradable paper packaging is a safe and conscientious option that can set your company apart.

Find Your Supplier

Thanks to the internet, there is a plethora of packing and paper supplier to choose from. Be sure to look for a professional company with a fantastic track record. Look out for bulk paper products that are not certified as biodegradable. Also, contact the supplier to find out how you can personalize your paper sacks with your company specific branding.

Also, make sure to look into the financial and logistic background of your supplier. You will want a communicative and responsive partner that is reliable and dependable. Also, ensure your paper purchase is built to last, is appropriate for your specific products and is chemical and dye free for food and pet items.

A Final Note

Paper sacks and other paper products are proof that you can re-invent an old idea into something fresh and new. With paper suppliers making paper from eco-conscious quality materials, paper sacks can answer your packaging needs.

Paper sacks also can remove the large overhead costs that come with additional marketing as well as the cost of packaging. These paper products are a 3-in-1, providing your packaging, storage and marketing need all at a fraction of a cost of more expensive corrugated items.

The world of packaging is changing one paper sack at a time.