YouTube Download is the dream of many users. The complexity of this process lies in the fact that the video is distributed as a stream encoded in the program itself. These are not just stored files, but a specific algorithm that is converted using codecs, HTML5 technology and the capabilities of other programming languages.

Output users want MP3 or MP4 for offline listening or viewing. There are many online services for this, but they all do not provide a sufficient degree of comfort. Constantly a person faces certain difficulties caused by unnecessary requirements, viewing ads or imposed paid services.

Why Free Video Downloader for YouTube?

NotMP3Downloading files with this free YouTube downloader is much easier than it seems. But this program does much more than you can see in the visual part of the interface:

You can save whatever you want to your PC. You can specify in the line not only the address of a separate videos, but also the channels, and even the playlists will be loaded completely. When bulk uploading, you don’t need to select each address separately, the program will perform efficient parsing by itself and separate everything on its own.

You don’t need to study this program for a long time. Everything works on an intuitive level. All you have to do is insert a link, click a button, select options for each video, and then enjoy the download. If you suddenly need to release the channel, you can always pause, and then continue everything from the point where everything was completed. This is great for large downloads. Saving is performed in a folder prepared in advance and selected by the user.

The tremendous speed of work really boggles the imagination. The thing is that this program is capable of a lot, as much as your Internet connection speed gives. Even if it will be 1 gigabit per second, it will accurately cope with the task. If YouTube cannot give more, then the free part of the channel can be used for surfing the worldwide network or other actions. The code leaves up to 10% speed, and while the process continues, you can read text sites or play an online game without glitches.

The program takes up very little space on your hard drive due to the fact that it uses the command sets and frameworks already in the operating system. You just install it on your computer and then enjoy the process. You do not need any precise and complex settings, everything is designed for a user with a minimum level of training.

Forget advertising forever. This also applies to all advertising screensavers on YouTube. They will definitely not affect you, Free Video Downloader for YouTube will carefully skip them, and there are no advertisements in it. Also, there are no trials, waiting times, forced pauses and offers to buy other products of the company. Almost all programs now advertise other software. This is already pretty boring, but here you will definitely not see it.

Who said you should only use YouTube? But what about other video services that also contain interesting videos? Vimeo, Facebook, DailyMotion, Tumblr, Flickr, TikTok are available to you as well. Just go to the video page and then copy the link. The download will also start with a file ready for viewing on the computer at the end.

Services for creating MP3 from video are also very cumbersome. You can easily collect tracks from your favorite video clips. Just select the appropriate format before downloading. Free Video Downloader for YouTube will save the audio track in the highest possible quality. Then, if necessary, you can trim the file on any free program by making a ringtone for your smartphone.

There is support for any resolution, even 4K, which has a huge size. If the internet channel does not allow you to view it online, just download in advance before watching. Also, some formats are available only after registration. You can make a download without logging into your account. As for the formats of saved videos, here you can find a decent solution for any codec.

How necessary is it?

Now imagine that you need to watch a movie, your favorite TV show, where there is no access to the World Wide Web. Modern people are too addicted to gadgets and multimedia entertainment to give up on it for a long period. Let’s say you are on a train, but the Internet connection does not work everywhere. This will not be a viewing, but continuous torment. Therefore, it is better to download this program, install it on your computer, and then prepare for a long trip in advance.

Have you ever come across the fact that your favorite video can be deleted for certain reasons? Even the author himself can delete it and close his own channel. You can download all of his videos, and then add to the collection for personal use. Viewing on a home computer or gadget without access to the worldwide network. For example, there is no Wi-Fi in the garage, but there are tools to follow the video to make something. There are actually a lot of options. You can find your own use for this great freeware desktop program.

What can be said about competitors?

They simply do not exist. While other companies tried to squeeze the most money out of each software product, the developers of Free Video Downloader for YouTube made the program user-friendly. She does whatever is necessary, but no more. There are no attempts to load everything with redundant functionality, advertisements and other unpleasant pitfalls. The user simply has the ability to use it for his own pleasure without glitches and excessive load on the central processor. All he needs to have is Windows 10 and broadband access to the World Wide Web. Although this program will work equally effectively at any speed.

While other developers tried to pretend they were creating, everything was created here. Use it with pleasure and don’t forget about updates.


A brief run through of the features of Free Video Downloader for YouTube by NotMP3 is as follows:
+ Unlimited downloads
+ Batch downloading for playlists, channels  and multiple videos
+ Tremendous speed of work
+ Absolutely free
+ No ads
+ It takes up very little space on your hard drive
+ Download MP4 videos and converts to MP3
+ Supports downloading from different websites

– Can be installed only on Windows pc