Best Ways to Know If You Have UTI or Not

Urinary tract infections are more commonly seen in women than men, with approximately one in every five young women suffering from a UTI. The primary reason behind UTI diagnosis is the unexpected interaction between the bacteria present in the urethra and the bladder. On rare occasions, the bacteria can get into the tract of the urine passage and drive itself back to the bladder, thus causing a urinary tract infection. There are two different types of UTIs, complicated and uncomplicated.

The uncomplicated infections are usually common in healthy people who have a normal urinary passage. However, complicated UTIs are more frequent in people where the bacteria causing the infection is not getting treated by antibiotics. You can take a UTI test at home and get treated timely. Moreover, delayed treatment can result in the infection passing through to the kidneys, causing fever and back pain.

Ways To Know

It is imperative to know whether you are a carrier of urinary tract infection or not, as this can help avoid severe complications in the future. So, some effective ways to know and remember to test out whether you have UTI or not include but are not limited to the following UTI symptoms-

Most UTIs are curable since the bladder symptoms fade after about 24-48 hours of the beginning of the treatment.

Burning Sensation When You Urinate

The first sign of a potential UTI is witnessing a burning sensation while urinating, not once or twice but every time. This is a clear indication that there is a problem with your urinary tract, which can be anything ranging from bacteria, kidney stones, prostatitis, etc.

However, the most common are bacteria that lead to the growth of UTI within the body. If you are frequently facing this symptom, reaching out to your health provider is the right way to move ahead. If it is not so frequent, try drinking fluids on an hourly basis and see if it makes a difference.

Frequent Visits To The Bathroom

Do you find yourself running to the bathroom every hour with an uncontrollable urge to pee? Do you feel extremely dehydrated even when you drink gallons of water? This is a direct sign of a potential UTI. These continuous reruns are because the infectivity level of the bacteria is high, causing irritation and frequent urination.

Sudden Pressure To Urinate But No Or Less Amount Of Urine

You often run to the bathroom with an uncontrollable urge to urinate, but upon reaching the bathroom, you only manage to get a few drops out. It is another sign of UTI presence as the bacteria in the urinary tract irritates the body from inside, causing the urge to pee without urinating. This can also cause lower abdomen and back pain if not treated.

Doctor Consultation

If you face one of the above three mentioned symptoms very frequently, consult a doctor to test out whether you have UTI or not. The first step that doctors all around the world opt for is a urine sample examination. This is important as the test shows whether there is a presence of white blood cells or bacteria cultivating in the urine, indicating the presence of the infection.

In case this urine sample does not detect any bacteria, a urine culture is conducted to test whether there is yeast present or not. The last option is a UTI test.

UTI Tests

UTI test usually requires close monitoring and observation of the potential presence of any tenderness in the mid-back area or right below the ribs to check around the kidney section. It is mostly recommended to be conducted by the doctor when the other UTI symptoms are at their peak. The accuracy level of the results from a UTI test is high and helps with early detection so that the right medicines are prescribed for faster recovery. All you need to do is urinate on the UTI test strip and let the doctor do the analysis.

Test it for yourself at home first with UTI test kits before rushing to the doctor.

One of the most effective measures to know if you have a UTI is through a UTI test or doctor consultation. However, the current need of the hour is to stay at home and so you can take your UTI test at home now with the help of UTI test strips.

You do not have to rush to the doctor as soon as you feel like you are showing symptoms, as with the convenience of UTI test kits for home testing, you can find out for yourself. But please do not hesitate doctor consultation if any of the ways mentioned above are too extreme to tolerate.

A UTI test is meant to clarify your doubts regarding UTI for your mental peace, but you should consult a doctor after taking a UTI test at home in case medication or treatment is required.