10 Warm Beverages Perfect For This Monsoon

There is nothing better than your hands holding onto a warm cup of beverage on a rainy day. Just imagine the amount of warmth that you will be feeling even with your own company. The pandemic has nullified the chances of people enjoying the monsoon weather with their friends, along with some crispy pakoras and some chai. But do not worry; all is not lost if you do not let the blues of the pandemic take away your spirit. Here are a few warm cups that you can make for yourself this season!

10 Beverages That You Can Enjoy This Monsoon

  • Chai

You can take away the memory from a human being, but you can never suppress the emotions that erupt with a cup of tea. There are several variants that have come up that steer multiple tastes and fragrances, but nothing beats the gorgeous milk tea. The simple process of boiling the milk, adding tea leaves and some sugar beets makes the perfect company for a lazy rainy day near the window. Pour some into an insulated tumbler and be ready to take some pictures for your Instagram as well!

The best cup of coffee is when it is made with love. Nothing can really take away stress and sleep like the way a cup of coffee does. It is not anything out of the box, but if you just want a warm hug, then a cup of coffee should be enough for you. If you are making some black coffee, you can also add a little spoonful of fresh cream as it really elevates the flavour to another level and gives a smooth balance to the bitterness of the beans. 

  • Hot Chocolate

You can always buy some ready to make hot chocolate mixes to help your cravings, but nothing at all in the world beats the natural aroma and the smoothness of the real hot chocolate. All that you need is some fresh cocoa, a cup of warm milk, some nutmeg, and a sweetener of your choice. Mix them all together on a low flame till it reaches a thick consistency, and then just dive straight into that cup of hot choco. You can also top it up with some whipped cream if you like. 

  • Mint Tea

If you want to go for something lighter and healthier, then just spruce up your cup of tea with some mint leaves. The mint leaves will not only enhance the overall flavour of the tea, but they also bring some massive health benefits. The mint leaves will cool your body and will also help in digestion. Apart from being your companion on a rainy day, mint tea has certain properties that will help you to soothe your stomach, treat bad breath and will help reduce stress. 

  • Coconut Milk Latte

If you want to get a smooth light drink to go by today, then this cup of tropical flavours is the right choice! Blend the espresso shot with some warm coconut milk on a medium powder, then pour it in a big fat mug. You can also add some fresh cream and some powdered cinnamon on top. This creamiest delicacy will take you on a new level altogether. You can also make some more in advance and keep it in an insulated tumbler to savour the taste a few more times as it retains the flavours and the temperature. 

  • Matcha

Matcha roots from Japan, it is a kind of powdered green tea. The softer notes of the matcha will calm your senses completely from the moment you take the first sip. Matcha detoxifies any harmful toxins present in your body, it also carries anti-ageing properties, stabilises weight loss and a lot more. If you do not want to indulge in any sweet cheat beverages, then just have some matcha!

  • Salted Caramel Coffee 

If you want a little nutty, burny, and salty flavour, then just try this recipe out right away. To make the caramel, add some sugar in a pan, once it starts to change its form, sprinkle some baking powder and a tiny bit of salt. Mix it well till it is frothy and switch off the flame (otherwise it will burn). Mix this caramel into your coffee! 

  • Bajra Raab

Protein, fibre, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron- you will derive all of this and more if you drink a cup of bajra raab in a distinctly cold weather. In a pan, add some ghee, and a some carrom seeds a clove. Once, they start to splutter, add the bajra flour. Let it roast for a few minutes and then pop some cinnamon powder, pepper, and some ginger. Fill the pan with some water and add some jaggery, then let it cook for the next few minutes. Serve hot!

  • Chicken Mushroom Soup

The arguments will never come to an end: is soup a beverage or a food? Well, even we do not have answers to that or a side to take. But, if you can have soup from a cup, it is a beverage. So, how about making a big pot of chicken and mushroom cream soup? It is going to take you by a storm, and you will not be able to resist not having it straight from the pot, but just take the pain of a cup and sip!

  • Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Yes, seriously, you can make Pumpin Spiced latte at home and the process is quite simple! Just, grab your blender, add some hot milk, cinnamon, pumpkin spice, vanilla extract and sugar. When you get a frothy mix, transfer it to a mug and add ¾ coffe concoction. Top it off some some whipped cream and some cacao.


If you really want to take the uproad and pamper yourself, make sure that you take some time out for yourself and dig in for some good food to go with your steaming cup. The lockdown blues will surely go away for a good while, and if they come back again, then just prepare some chamomile in an insulated tumbler and sway with the rustle of the trees on a rainy day!