There are many elements which represent your business, but one of the main ones is the appearance of the location you work from. Not only is an office a place where you and your employees will work on a daily basis, it’s also somewhere clients will visit for meetings and events. As your office plays a part in the image of your business, it’s essential to make sure it’s in pristine condition and an appealing place to not only visit, but work from as well. There are many factors that help towards creating a tidy and professional workplace, with one of them being the cleaning tasks you carry out on a daily and monthly basis.

Whether you’ve been working from the same office for a long period of time or you’re looking to relocate, you may want to carry out a #BigOfficeClean. Many businesses have a cleaner who has a tidy around the office on a daily basis, but every so often you should consider a more thorough clean. Most offices are fitted with carpets so you may want to seek professionals from an industrial cleaning company, who can conduct a clean which you and your company cleaner won’t have the equipment and expertise for.

Although you should carry out a #BigOfficeClean as often as possible, this isn’t always going to be practical for business. To help stay on top of cleaning tasks around the office, we’d like to share with you a few tips on how you and your employees can maintain a tidy and professional place of work.

Cleaning fabric office chairs

The majority of people working from an office will spend most of their day sat at a desk. With this in mind and the amount of hours we spend sat on a chair, we want it to be as clean as possible. Fabric office chairs are fairly easy to clean and only require a vacuum, cleaning foam, brush and a damp cloth. To begin with, vacuum your chair using the upholstery attachment and once you’ve done that spray a layer of the cleaning foam over the fabric and leave for the amount of time indicated on the bottle. Next using a brush, work the foam into the chair and allow to dry before the final stage of the cleaning process. Once dry, give the chair another vacuum and wipe the arms with a damp cloth if it has them.

Cleaning your keyboard

Our keyboard is a piece of equipment we use daily and for a long period of time. With this in mind, you can’t even begin to imagine the amount of germs and bacteria on both the keyboards surface and underneath the keys. To clean your keyboard first start by unplugging it, then turn it upside down and give it a good shake to remove any loose crumbs etc. Once you’ve done this use a can of compressed air to remove any larger bits of debris which may have become stuck over time. As the keys take the majority of the work, it’s important to clean them as well. Using a knife, carefully remove each key and wash them with soapy water and leave to dry. Whilst the keys are drying, use more soapy water to wipe down the keyboard and then reassemble the keys back to the board.

Whether it’s a simple cleaning task such as wiping the insides office microwave or giving your desk a quick clean with an antibacterial wipe, everyone can do their bit in order to maintain a clean, tidy and professional looking office.