What Companies Are In The Consumer Services Field

In 2015, consumer services companies generated over 300 billion dollars across 455,000 companies. Some of those companies include healthcare, education, retail, wholesale, leisure and hospitality. 

What Are The Different Types of Consumer Services Companies?

Retail and wholesale consumer service companies are essential to the supply chain. Retailers will buy goods from wholesalers and manufacturers and then resell their products. 

The leisure and hospitality consumer services field includes a business that offers accommodation for short or long-term stays, transportation, food services such as restaurants and takeaways, and tourism-oriented companies. Restaurant delivery, resorts, personal shoppers, and streaming services are all part of the consumer services field. 

Health and social service companies assist their customers with healthcare products and medical records and find health providers. Examples of health and social consumer services companies include online and in-person treatment and health insurance

Education consumer services help customers find colleges and programs by providing databases of accredited and official associations. Let’s take a closer look at the different companies that work in the consumer services field. 


A company that everybody knows. Amazon is one of the most successful businesses in the consumer services field. They diversify eCommerce, Cloud Computing, and Artificial intelligence dealing with millions of customers all over the world. Some cities will have a store that also sells food called Amazon Fresh. 


It is a business which allows people to rent their property to travellers, tourists and individuals looking for places to stay. Since it started, Airbnb has faced a lot of legal battles with hotel chains however that did not stop them from becoming a billion-dollar enterprise. Due to their success, there have been multiple positions for social media managers as well as hosting services. 

Air Canada

Founded in 1937, and originally named Trans-Canada before its name change in 1965. It is now one of the most successful airline companies in Canada due to the number of passengers and fleet size. Again, due to their size, they have a wide range of customer service field jobs. 


Apple Incorporation should be the first business that comes to mind when you think of the customer service field. Apple has a wide range of products including computers, phones, tablets, headphones and more. Technology is one of the more common service fields which is why Apple is so reliant on this. 

Bank Of America

This company serves around 68 million consumers and small businesses with over 56 million verified digital users. The Bank Of America has many clients which makes it a great customer service job. Not to mention it is always in demand for new professionals experienced in the field. 


Comcast is a global media and technology company which includes NBCUniversal develops, Comcast Cable and Sky. Comcast provides a large portfolio of entertainment services and requires technical engineers, DevOps and Network security. 

Costco Wholesale

Another company that is known around for being a retail brand. Costco has over 288,000 employees and offers several services to its customers. Originating from Washington, Costco is now a global brand offering prescription drugs, photo printing and offers bulk buying for restaurants and hospitality businesses. Due to their rapid expansion, there is a high demand for customer service employees.

Hello Fresh

This company is one of the newer businesses on this list. Founded in 2011, this German-based company has become increasingly popular and has over 5000 employees. They deliver meal kits to fit diet plans in countries such as the UK, Denmark, Australia, Western Europe, the USA, Sweden and many more. They offer fresh ingredients for meal plans and are great for those lacking flavour in the kitchen. As you can imagine, this company is very consumer based which is why they need hundreds of employees to deal with its customers.

Herc Rentals

Herc Rentals is a company that has over 265 branches in different countries all over the world. This specific business allows its customers to hire construction machinery such as power generators, trailers, concrete mixers, trucks and many more. 

They deal with thousands of customers daily to ensure they hire their machinery. They also deal with these customers to make sure the machinery is working efficiently.  

The TJX Companies

Although you may not recognise the name of this company, you will know the businesses inside the umbrella. Furthermore, the organisation has over 4,700 stores in nine countries. Some include TJ Maxx, Sierra, HomeGoods, Marmaxx and Marshalls. TJX companies offer several career paths for the consumer service field.


Fiverr is a company that made the most of the technology that we use today. It is a platform for those who freelance their expertise such as SEO, social media marketing, PPC, web development, content writing and many more. Many businesses use this to reach out to freelancers to get work completed for them. Fiverr is rapidly growing and is definitely in need of more professionals in this customer service field. 


Last but not least, the Marriott. Hospitality relies heavily on good customer experience and the Marriot is one of the biggest names in the industry. In 2022 alone, Marriott generated 1.38 billion dollars which was an increase of 38.76%. Furthermore, Marriott owns over 4,000 properties in many different countries.


You probably heard of this pharmaceutical business during covid. This company works with healthcare companies and governments, providing healthcare access around the world. This company is slightly different to the other companies on this list. Nonetheless, they require consumer service specialists because they develop and provide healthcare options for customers.


The next company in the consumer service field is Talkdesk. Talkdesk is a cloud-connecting service and in 2011, they helped over 1800 different businesses to improve their customer service ratings. Talkdesk is reliant on IT which is why it has a variety of jobs in multiple countries around the world. 


This company has had a massive impact on the western world. We use Uber to order our groceries as well as takeaways. We also use Uber to grab a cab. Furthermore, this company is very, serving over 27,000 people globally, with almost half of the employees in the United States. Due to this company being so consumer-orientated, they always need professionals that work in customer service. 


Walmart has over 1.6 million staff employed with over 10,5000 stores and clubs across many different countries. As well as stores that you can visit, Walmart also has an ecommerce website and requires a lot of consumer service specialists. 

The Walt Disney Company

Everybody has heard of Walt Disney. A company that has been around for 100 years and is one of the world’s leading providers for entertainment. Additionally, this company has over 220,000 people that work for them. Due to its size, this is another company constantly in demand for customer service professionals with a lot of experience. Nonetheless, they are always on the lookout for entry-level employees, providing jobs for everyone, no matter their experience. 

To Conclude

No matter what type of company you are in, whether you sell full tracksuits, wedding dresses or other clothing items, you will need customer service professionals. The food and entertainment industry is also consumer-based and will deal with customers every day.