How To Tell If Your Android Phone Has Spyware

You must be hearing about the spy or digital attack a lot these days, but the important thing is how to keep yourself protected from it. With the advancement of technology, life has become easier but at the same time, there are lots of other cons as well. read at

We can now do almost all the things sitting at home through online, but do you know your identity, data, and personal details are at the risk. There are thousands of hackers who keep on waiting for an unsecured network to steal your personal data.

Your personal details are sold to many other companies who use it to get your experience and sell their product. You will have to be conscious to protect yourself from such hacks.
Even nowadays, there are several apps which does the same thing.

Someone can even spy your phone or laptop and all your details. Have you found the camera and audio jack disabled on many peoples’ system? These are just some of the precautions they take to keep themselves secure. So, the big question is how to know if your android phone has spyware. How to know if mobile tracker android, is installed on your phone or not?

We will discuss this today in this post and will see how to manage with such android spy apps.

How to tell if your phone is being monitored with Spyware?

In order to track your phone, someone must need to install a spying app on it. Such apps can either be installed intentionally or it can be done through some software. Usually, when you install a freeware, few additional tools might get installed without your notice.

And then these apps start working on the GPS. The GPS will keep on sending the signal to the phone where the tool is installed. You can even download this from the play store.

But the thing is, why don’t Google block such apps when they access the user privacy? The main reason behind this is, such apps are being used for the useful purpose as well.

For example, the employer may want to track their company phone given to their employee or parent may want to track their kids for security purpose.

Personally, I believe no one has the right to look into your privacy and so should not be installed until he is you kid. At the same time, I also recommend parents to use such spy apps on their kids’ phone so that you’ll be able to track them and warn if they’re doing anything wrong.

Now the question is, how to tell if your phone has such apps installed without your notice? Here are some signal which is enough to alert you for such illegal installation-

  • Phone getting hot quickly and every time
  • Your battery is getting drained soon

And many such factors indicate the installation of spy apps on your phone. Once you experience this, quickly scan your phone and remove such apps immediately.


Using such indications, you’ll be able to tell whether your phone is having any spy apps installed or not. If yes, you should make a quick scan and remove any such.

What do you think on this? Should anyone look into your privacy?