Animal Attack

Death of Steve Irwin in 2006 shocked the world. A man who had so much passion and love for animals died. He was killed by a stingray during his underwater expedition. It’s probably the most famous animal attack in the world. However, this is not the only one that was recorded. Dawn Brancheau was an animal trainer at the Sea World. She was killed by an orca during her show. The same orca, called Tilikum, was involved in 2 more accidents that resulted in death. Because of that, he was named a killer whale, and CNN made a documentary about him, called Blackfish.

You might think that it’s these people’s fault because they were working with animals, and accidents like that are something that doesn’t happen to people in everyday life. But it’s not true. Anyone can be attacked by wildlife, no matter who it is. In 1920 king Alexander of Greece died from the effects of a monkey bite. According to Ed Bernstein, Las Vegas personal injury attorney, animal attacks happen often, and while people rarely die, they often are severely injured.

Over the last ten years, animals related injuries number have significantly increased. There are many reasons for this situation. First of all, climate change. The most common injuries are bites from spiders, mosquitoes, centipedes etc. With a temperature rise, they can survive in more places, so, therefore, they are able to attract more people.

Another important thing is the urbanization process expansion. Natural habitats of some animals, such as wolves, bears, boars etc. are more and more overlapping with human territories. Experts predict that the number of accidents will significantly increase in the future.

In general, people think that specific animal breeds are the most aggressive, while the other animals don’t attack at all. It is another myth, and it’s not true. While some sharks or crocodiles attacks are the most spectacular, and mediumistic, the majority of incidents are caused by breeds that we wouldn’t suspect at all.

The biggest threats to human beings are farm animals, hornets, wasps and bees, as well as dogs. According to the statistics, most people die by “other animals”. These are usually horses and cattle. 72 people every year die because of their attacks. The next serial killers are hornets, wasps and bees. Due to their stings, 60 people per year lose their lives. If you are diagnosed with allergy reactions to their stings, doctors advise having a portable epinephrine delivery device with you all the time. It can save you.

But, we shouldn’t forget about the biggest threat of all times – dogs. There are 4.5 million reported dog bites in the US every year. Dogs are man’s best friends, but why do they attack so often? Most of the time, it happens because the dog wasn’t properly secured. Keep in mind that when the owner is with his dog on public property, and his pet is not on a leash, the owner is responsible for any harmful actions. It’s never possible to predict a dog’s behaviour, especially if they are prone to violent acts, and have an aggressive temperament. The biggest group of dog’s victims are children, especially under four years old. If you have children, it’s crucial to teach them how they should approach the dogs.

Every year 6 million Americans need emergency care because of animal attacks. 210.000 of them were admitted to the hospital, and 1162 people died. Animal bites and stings are most dangerous for elderly people and children. Interestingly, animal-related injuries happen most often in households of people with the lowest income, which is probably a reflection of bad housing quality. Hospital visits cost the American economy $1.2 billion every year, and the situation will only get worse with the upcoming environmental changes, and the urbanization process.

Animal attacks are becoming more and more frequent. Sometimes, you can do something to avoid them, but it’s not always possible. That’s why you should be insured, and prepared that anything can happen to you, or your loved ones. Statistics suggest that animal-related injuries are growing up, so be careful, and if you have to deal with animals, stay extremely cautious no matter what.