Plan A Family Vacation to Hawaii

Are you bored of visiting the same old beaches around the city? If you just nodded your head to this one, then you definitely need a trip to an exotic beach away from your standard location.

For a beach lover, Hawaii is paradise! So, don’t wait up and instead, start to pre-plan everything way ahead of time for a relaxing vacation.

It is said that first time visitors to this celestial city tend to be overwhelmed and for good reason. You don’t want to go wrong with planning a perfect trip to this heaven on earth, which is why a bit of planning never hurt anybody.

So, for everyone who can’t wait to go on this trip, here’s a secret to not go wrong and plan a perfect vacation with your loved ones-

 Shortlist go-to spots

To be honest, you cannot visit each and every exotic place in Hawaii. This means that you have to cut down on your options and pick those which you can actually enjoy in the limited time span you have. However, you cannot miss out on these Hawaiian Islands- Maui, Kauai, the Big Island and Oahu. If you can’t cover them all, make sure that you at least visit two of them.

Maui- This Island is very popular honeymoon location. In fact, it is the second most preferred island in Hawaii. Maui Island’s laid back and slow ambience gives out a natural vibe to visitors. If you wish to chill and at the same time observe a lot, then this is where you need to be.

Oahu- This is the main Island in Hawaii and a popular tourist-attraction as well. Oahu Island has various famous sights and plenty to explore; it’s a perfect definition of all that you need to see.

Big Island-This Island is commonly known as Hawaii because it is the largest of all the Hawaiian Islands. You can explore new things here with sand beaches, stunning valleys, waterfalls and beautiful farmland. The Island is divided into two sections as it is quite huge-Hilo and Kona. Each section has its separate airport.

Kauai- The prettiest and oldest Island in Hawaii with an authentic vibe. It is a peaceful, quiet, lazy and a gorgeous Island all at once!

Apart from these, there are several other interesting spots where you can enjoy water sports and other activities. Some of the spots have rather attractive natural landscapes which will make your heart skip a beat.

 Choose the Perfect Time-

Peak season in Hawaii kick starts in November and lasts upto April. New Years and Christmas are the prime week and one can expect their trip during this period to be very, very expensive. Additionally, the air-fare and accommodations price also shoot right up.

If you do not want to miss-out on seeing the humpback whales, then plan your vacation between October and May as they migrate during this time.

There is ideally no bad time to visit Hawaii but March to August can be the best period. You can also visit the place till early November but there are chances that you might miss-out on the beautiful sight of the whales.

 Book Air Tickets in Advance-

Plane tickets can be very expensive especially during vacations. Therefore, it is wise to pre-book so that you get the tickets within your budget and as per your time schedule. Booking air tickets early also gives you several options and you can simply pick the one that suits you the best.

You can also sort your travel credit card in advance. In case, it has already expired or is on the verge of expiring, then make sure that you renew it. You may have heard about Payment Protection Insurance scandal in UK, it is wise to check that you are not a victim of it if you have a really old card.

You can get in touch with a reliable firm for a free PPI check and resolve your query. Do your research and then take decisions because you do not want to lose your hard earned money on a mis-sold policy now, would you?

 Sort Accommodation-

If you’re travelling with your family, everybody is going to have different opinions regarding accommodation. You might want to opt for twin or adjacent rooms if you have kids along. If you want a lavish treatment, then go for a luxurious hotel that has a mind-blowing view and excellent service.

You can also pick a combination to honour everybody’s wishes. For example, you can book a luxurious hotel in Oahu and a 3-star hotel with an exotic view from your hotel in the Big Island.

If you are not keen on spending an exorbitantly huge price on hotels considering that you will be out for almost the entire day, then you can always book a decent hotel that fits within your budget.

Book a rental car-

Renting a car would be very handy as you can drive yourself everywhere not to mention it would be a treat for your eyes! Some spots have free parking, so you probably may save on parking charges.

Besides, you have a variety of options to choose a rental car. Jeeps and convertible Mustangs are the most preferred choices of tourists.

The best thing about a trip is that you can indulge in activities that you’ve always wanted to do. You can plan an itinerary so that you can end up making the most of your trip and do not miss out on anything major. You will also have clear idea regarding the things you need to check off of your list with proper dates and time. Plus, you won’t overspend when you have a clear picture of your trip.

So, what are you waiting for? Start preparing to have the time of your life on some beautiful Hawaiian beaches!