Nursing Scrub

Medical tools such as thermometers, blood pressure apparatuses, pulse oximeters, and the like, have a considerable impact on the work of nurses. It is because these devices help in accurately assessing the symptoms of patients. However, to become a more effective nurse, you should also be wary of what you wear in the hospital.

Nowadays, one of the most common attire worn in the hospital is scrub suits, replacing traditional and conventional nursing uniforms. If you are planning to shift into using nursing scrubs, then read on their significance in the hospital and why you should use them.

Sterile Healthcare Environment

Research has shown that patients are likely to be exposed to bacteria through contact with white coats, ties, and curtains. This means as a healthcare professional, it is your obligation to reduce the exposure of patients to harmful bacteria and pathogens inside the hospital. Fortunately, nursing scrub suits provide a solution to this problem.

Nursing scrubs are made from high-quality materials with healthcare workers in mind. This is why some of these scrub suits may have antimicrobial properties that prevent contamination from bacteria and other dangerous pathogens.


Compared to traditional nursing uniforms, nursing scrubs are far more durable, which makes them a practical choice for nurses. To ensure a sanitary environment in the hospital, especially in the operating room, uniforms need to be power cleaned through the use of cleaning chemicals and high temperatures to remove harmful substances.

Wearing conventional uniforms is impractical because it will get ruined after a couple of cleaning cycles. Also, traditional hospital attire is more prone to getting contaminated, which means they would not be sanitary enough.


As a nurse who deals with the lives of patients, every second counts. This is why you must have the necessary tools with you wherever you are in the hospital to save time. Imagine a scenario wherein you are assessing a patient only for you to lose more time because you have to go back to the nurses’ station to get a thermometer.

Scrub suits are packed with features that help medical professionals, such as nurses. A scrub suit top may contain two or three pockets that can be used for small medical tools such as penlights, pulse oximeters, thermometers, and the like.

On the other hand, scrub suit pants have huge pockets that can be used for relatively more critical tools such as sphygmomanometers, large gauze pads, and face masks, to name a few. By using nursing scrubs, you are assured that essential medical items will always be within reach.

Wearing Scrubs Make You More Agile

One of the disadvantages of wearing traditional nursing uniforms such as blouses and skirts is that you won’t be able to move quickly and easily wear them. It is because they are often tight-fitting and restrict quick movements. It is a disadvantage because it prevents you from running faster during emergencies or being able to perform freely during procedures such as CPR.

Fortunately, nursing scrubs are designed with agility in mind so that nurses can perform procedures without movement restriction. Some scrub suits even have features wherein you can alter the fitting of the scrubs through adjustable seams and back tabs.

From the reasons mentioned above, it’s no wonder why more and more nurses prefer wearing scrub suits rather than conventional nursing uniforms. Nursing scrubs are undoubtedly the most practical and conducive attire for the hospital setting!