Real Estate Agent

The Code of Ethics is a highly valuable instrument of mandatory compliance for real estate professionals affiliated with the Real Estate Chamber and its regional subsidiaries, which seeks to regulate the relations of advisers always under the premises of integrity, responsibility, lawfulness and who seek the dignity of the profession and the honest performance of the runners, those relationships are divided by the Code in:

  • Relations with the public
  • Relations with your clients
  • Relations with your colleagues
  • Relations with the institution

Here is a summary of its contents:

1) It is the primary duty of real estate professional like Larry Weltman to be educated in their specialty: Real Estate. You must know the property before accepting it. You should not carry out operations in which interests are injured. It should not contribute to settle false data in deeds. You should be careful about the accuracy of the ads. It will make written all the data, promises and agreements.

2) Has the commitment to promote and protect the interests of the client. It must protect the client against fraud or abuse. You must inform your clientele with absolute truthfulness. In the guarantee of the interests that have been placed in the hands of the real estate professional like Larry Weltman Toronto, they must inform their clients with absolute veracity about: a) Qualities and defects of the property that is proposed or of which they wish. b) Of the ease or difficulty of performing the real estate transaction. c) In general of all the circumstances that may be related to the business entrusted to it. Also the real estate professional should never object to any of the parties interested in the transaction consult with a lawyer, notary, registrar or other professionals. In an exclusive, it contracts the commitment to work preferably.

3) You should not seek advantages over other colleagues. Every real estate professional will refrain from commenting on the professional performance of a colleague. You must cooperate in the sales record. The distribution of professional fees must always be made on a fixed basis in writing when starting a relationship between real estate professionals. You will not request the services of a colleague’s employee, without the colleague’s consent. In the best interest of society, its associates and its own business, the real estate professional must be loyal to the Venezuelan Real Estate Chamber, to their colleagues and be a participant and proactive in their work.

4) Since the Real Estate Chamber has the maximum professional association of real estate professionals, they are obliged to lend their most determined collaboration to all activities that the institution sponsors for this purpose:

a) Attend all events, assemblies, conventions, seminars, etc. Organized by the Real Estate Chamber of Venezuela.

b) Offer to participate in an organization of the Venezuelan Real Estate Chamber, such as Boards of Directors, Work Committees, Special Commissions, etc.

c) Suggest activities that in their opinion contribute to the professional improvement of real estate colleagues.

d) Comply and enforce all the tasks that the governing bodies designate.

e) Monitor compliance with this code of ethics and report their violations civically.