Sneaker Servers

For sneakerheads, the release of a limited-edition pair is always a special moment. In the old days, people queued in front of retailers the way Apple fans queue for the latest iPhone. Limited-edition pairs are not easy to get out of the store, and their prices could go up if you don’t buy them at the right time.

Today, queueing in front of a sneaker store is replaced with something more high-tech: waiting for the limited-edition sneakers to become available on e-commerce websites and online retailers. Unfortunately, those special-edition sneakers usually sell out in minutes – and in some cases, even in seconds.

This is where sneaker servers come in. Sneaker enthusiasts now turn to technology to help get the best, most awaited pairs as soon as they are available on the market.

What are Sneaker Servers Exactly?

In simple terms, sneaker servers are servers designed to help you score the latest limited-edition pairs. The servers themselves are physically situated near the servers of big names like Adidas and Nike, all for the purpose of making the server-to-server connection faster and more instantaneous.

With the servers being relatively close to each other, copping a newly released pair becomes easier. While others are still trying to connect to the site, the sneaker servers already have access and can execute your commands in a more rapid way.

The use of sneaker servers is often combined with the use of bots, for the same purpose of boosting your chances of getting that special pair you really want. Bots tend to reach the pair that is about to be made available faster than any human can, hence their high rate of success.

Why Use Sneaker Servers at All?

The simple answer is, everyone does. Let us explain.

Sneakers, especially limited-edition ones, are more valuable than ever. As mentioned before, the value of a limited-edition sneaker could go up as soon as it goes out of stock. The only way you can buy the sneakers to add to your collection is from sneakerheads who got the pairs when they were first released.

Due to the competitive market, more and more sneakerheads now rely on sneaker servers to gain an advantage. They have started to use smarter bots and new techniques to secure the pairs they want. All of those pairs you missed were probably sold to sneakerheads who employed these tactics.

The sneaker industry reacted to this new approach by banning some IP addresses for sneaker servers. In response, avid sneakerheads now use proxies with their sneaker servers.

More About Proxies for Sneaker Servers

Proxies for sneaker servers work the same way as regular proxies. They are designed to mask the original IP address of the server, sometimes using multiple public IP addresses that have been whitelisted. As a result, you can use sneaker servers without having to worry about getting banned.

Since sneaker servers also support things such as a delay between requests and waiting for restocks, the use of proxies is certainly more valuable. Aside from not having to worry about getting banned and missing out on the pair you want, you can also use multiple server requests to further boost your chances.

Using the proxies is actually easy. First, you need a good proxy service for your sneaker server. There are a lot of free services out there, but it is best that you use premium proxies for sneaker servers to gain the most advantage.

Integrating the proxies is just as easy. Depending on the sneaker server service you use, you can either insert the configuration for your proxies from the administrative panel or set up the proxy directly on the server manually. Both approaches are straightforward, although you will have to know your way around server configs with the latter approach.

Once the proxy or proxies are integrated, you can start sniping for sneaker releases and particular pairs that you have your eye on. This is done by entering a pre-release URL or landing pages for the server to access; the server will automatically direct your traffic through the proxy.

Boosting Your Chances

The combination of proxies and sneaker servers allows you to compete with the big boys, even on a highly-anticipated sneaker release. You now have the agility and precision to land the perfect pair as soon as it is released.

It doesn’t stop there either. You can still boost your chances even further. Testing your payment option before the actual release, for instance, it helps you prevent errors that could lead to you missing out on the sneakers.

It is also a good idea to use these tools in moderation. Rather than flooding the server with bots, you stand a higher chance of getting the pair by taking a more precise approach. Besides, flooding will only get you banned sooner.

These are all small advantages, but they are the kind of small advantages that add up to you getting the best pairs of sneakers as soon as they are released. Now that you know how to use proxies with sneaker servers, it is time to use these tools to cop the latest sneakers.