Asian Breakfast

To my family, breakfast is super essential. I’m sure that many readers out there also feel the same. As an energy-supplying meal, breakfast should be healthy and nutritious, as well as delicious and attractive.

And guess what?

You can find all of these characteristics in most Asian dishes. It seems that Asians greatly emphasize the importance of the first meal of the day. On top of that, Asian breakfasts are not only eye-catching but also mouth-watering.

Here you can learn about 5 brilliant Asian dishes for breakfast and how to cook them!

5 Dazzling Asian Breakfast Recipes

I have collected some outstanding recipes from many countries all over Asia. Each of them comes in a unique taste and smell. So, try them all to find the one that suits you best!

Indian Phirni Recipe

Let’s start with something light and sweet! This dish is a kind of pudding in India. You can call it an Indian-style cereal as well.

With a perfect blend of rice and milk, this Phirni is a popular choice of many vegetarians for breakfast. And of course, it’s healthy enough to give you the necessary energy for the day.

So, how to make this delicate Phirni?

As shared by All Asian Recipes, you can create this dish within only 4 steps. Firstly, immerse washed rice in water for 3 hours and then grind it into pieces. Next, pour them into boiled milk and cook with sugar.

For more flavor, add in chopped saffron, cardamom powder, and cook for 5 minutes more. Finally, leave the mixture in the refrigerator for about 3 hours and then make some decorations and enjoy it.

So, if you don’t have enough time to make a gigantic breakfast, give this simple Indian Phirni a try. You can also serve this light dish as a dessert or a snack if you want.

Malaysian Curry Bread Recipe

Want some good old-fashioned carbohydrates for breakfast? How about bread with curry and cheese? A spicy taste on the tip of your tongue. Well, this Malaysian curry bread will blow your mind!

To make this exceptional dish, you must first prepare the dough. Here I will introduce the special recipe from All Asian Recipes.

Begin with mixing baking powder and wheat flour with some salt and sugar. Add in curry powder and give a thorough press to the dough with some cooking oil.

Now, let the dough rest for about 40 minutes before roll it to create a donut shape. Rest it for another 20 minutes. Then, coat it with ketchup, mozzarella cheese, and bacon to bake in the oven.

Wait for about 12 minutes and… Tada, here comes the alluring curry bread!

Korean Scallion Pancake Recipe

Continue the list of breakfast cakes is this yummy Korean-style scallion pancake. Also known as pa jun, this pancake tends to be tender rather than crispy. And with a dip of spicy soy sauce, who can say “no” to it?

It’s quite effortless to cook this dish. First of all, mix the all-purpose flour with eggs, salt, and water. Then, slightly fold in 1-inch pieces of scallions.

Start cooking by pouring the batter into a heated pan. Cook until the bottom turns brown and then flip. Do the same to the other side.

To keep the pancakes warm until you finish everything, I recommend putting them in the oven. In the end, you can cut them into forms that you like and enjoy the delicious Korean scallion pancakes.

Now, if you prefer something fuller for the morning, check out the remaining 2 spectacular dishes below!

Vietnamese Pho Recipe

Let’s welcome a famous dish from Vietnam! Pho is a distinctive type of noodle soup. Most of the time, this dish is considered the symbol of Vietnamese cuisine.

Because of its popularity, you can easily find its presence in many Asian restaurants’ menus. Still, it’s not impossible to make this one yourself at home.

The secret of Pho lies in the broth. To receive the right taste, you should simmer water with beef bones for at least 3 hours. Then, remove the bones and add in the flavoring ingredients such as onions and gingers.

Here’s a valuable tip:

To keep the beef tender, do not cook it in advance. You should only soak the slices of beef into the boiling broth for a few seconds. The meat can quickly be cooked.

Now, everything is ready to serve. Put the boiled rice noodles into a bowl with slices of beef above. Pour the broth onto them.

Enjoy it with some sprouts, basil, and cilantro. And feel free to make a slurp!

Japanese Omurice Recipe

Last but not least, this is my daughter’s favorite dish – Omurice or fried-rice omelet from Japan. If you visit a Japanese restaurant, this dish is a must-try. But if you don’t have a chance for it, try making it yourself now!

For the rice, heat the pan and cook the onion along with meat, vegetables, salt, and pepper. Add the rice and stir well to break it into little pieces. Then, mix the rice with some ketchup and soy sauce.

The next thing to deal with is the omelet. Firstly, whisk the egg with milk and then pour the mixture into a pan. Next, place the rice on one side of the omelet. Gently fold both sides of the omelet into the middle to coat the rice.

Finally, put everything onto a plate and decorate it with ketchup and mayonnaise. Now, have a taste of this scrumptious Omurice.

It’s Time for Cooking

Congratulations! You have learned how to make 5 tasty Asian recipes for breakfast. Now, it’s time for cooking!

Have you decided what to make tomorrow morning yet? Well, if you find it hard to choose between these delectable dishes, why not try them all, one by one? And see how well your family reacts to them.

One more thing:

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