How To Clean Up And Minimize Mess After Renovation

When planning a renovation project, the main focus is on finding the best contractor in Melbourne. However, you also have to keep the preparation process and project costs in mind. Considering protection and site preparation will have a significant impact on the outcome of your project. Here are things you should understand regarding cleaning up and minimizing mess after a renovation project. 

Brief the contractor

Before embarking on your project, the contractor will have to talk with you regarding any special requirements you might have. So, you have to prepare a brief that includes any special cleaning requirements. The brief should focus on preventing damage without inhibiting the elimination of dirt and grime. Understanding the cleaning requirements of your project allows cleaning the floors without denting or scratching them.

 Professional contractors understand how to clean floors after a renovation project regardless of how sticky, streaky, or dusty they might be. During the pre-operation briefing, this is where you’ll highlight your expectations at the end of the project. Additionally, the contractor will give you a timeline for the project, costs, services included, and other extras involved. 

Access to the site

Site preparation is very important before construction cleaning after renovation. This is important depending on the extent of the renovation. When renovating a part of the premises, it is important to understand whether your staff can stay or stay away from work until the end of the project. 

Keep in mind that interrupting the cleaning staff regularly might cost the cleaning crew extra time. You have to give the cleaning crew ample time to do their work including laying paper, adding protective barriers, hanging tarpaulin. Keep in mind that the cleaners will have to take these down at the end of the project. 

Condoning off the site

An essential aspect of avoiding a mess during after renovation clean-up is to cordon off the site. This requires hanging a heavy-duty tarpaulin with a thickness of about 0.8 millimeters to create a barrier from the ceiling to the floor. 

There’s a need to apply masking tape all over the sides of the tarp, especially where it meets the floor, walls, and ceiling. Tension rods come in handy for holding the tarps. This is important to avoid particles that might fly through the gaps however tiny. A double layer of adhesive material or zipper is ideal if the renovation involves heavy sanding. 

Keeping your items protected

All your items in the renovation zone need protection. The cleaners can cover everything using construction paper. That with a double layer is ideal when there’s a likelihood of tearing. Equally important is to cover all appliances and windows using a tarp. The cleaners should not leave any gaps where particles might pass. 

Cover high traffic areas

If your staff is still around during the renovation. There is a need to prevent dirt from spreading to the other spaces. So, the cleaners have to lay a trap or continuous paper throughout all high traffic areas. Equally important is to cover all equipment, furniture, and appliances using a tarp or a drop cloth. The cleaners should seal all gaps between the floor and doors using masking tape. This will prevent dust and dirt from entering the other rooms.  

Clearing the air

The cleaning team should clear the air using a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuum. This type of vacuum traps tiny particles compared to regular vacuums. Running the HEPA air purifier on high mode while changing and washing the filters regularly is very important. Alternatively, the cleaners can use a commercial-grade air scrubber. 

Keeping windows open

It is very important to keep enhancing air circulation on your premises. Air circulation helps to purify the air and lessens the chances of infections such as flu. The professional cleaning team can come with an air scrubber to clean the air on your premises. 

An air scrubber is attached to the ductwork in your premises to the HVAC system. It eliminates dust, odors, surface contaminants, and other air pollutants. This ensures that the air in your business premises is healthier, cleaner, and more efficient. 

Extra services during port renovation cleaning include:

  • Dusting furniture 
  • Dusting picture frames
  • Cleaning light fixtures and lamps
  • Removing garbage 
  • Appliance cleaning
  • Washing walls 
  • Blinds washing
  • Changing bedding
  • Washing dishes

Renovation is a necessary evil. It allows giving your premises a fresh look or extra space. However, it comes with a heavy clean-up afterward. To avoid the mess and make clean-up easier, enlisting a team of professional cleaners is very important. You have to ensure that the cleaning crew covers all your items from dust and damage.