Physical Health

Are you aware of how much your physical health affects your sex life? Do you realize that your sex life can actually be used as a measure of your health?

Sex is something that works well if you’re healthy. Sure, it sounds obvious, but it’s a point that is frequently ignored. You can start to understand why health is so important to sex with the basic point that if you have the flu, you are not going to having sex anytime soon, and you won’t even want to. Your body has one concern: getting rid of that flu.

Sex requires energy, and if your body needs to use that energy to fight off an illness, it’s going to make that a number one priority.

But what about less obvious issues like being overweight, or having low testosterone levels? These are also major factors when it comes to your sex life.

Conditions needed to improve your health

Your body needs certain conditions to be able to perform sexually, and if those conditions are not met, there’s not going to be a lot going on in the bedroom other than sleeping. Again, sex requires energy. If energy is not available, you might as well save the condom for another night.

The way you fuel your body, how much, and what’s going on on a hormonal level are game changers. Try supplements instead of cigarettes, healthy home-cooked meals instead of fast-food, and cancel your cable TV for a few months while you go to the gym for some weight-lifting and cardio.

When your body has what it needs to function well, it starts to really work for you. The key is to do what you need to be the best you at all times.

How you can improve your health

If you haven’t been taking care of your health, and especially your testosterone levels, your body is going to quit on you in the most aggravating ways. What it’s really saying when it fails you during sex is, “Hey, you haven’t been taking care of me, so we’re not gonna give you what you want.” You need to say, “Okay, LOUD AND CLEAR!” and make an action plan.

All it takes is a few lifestyle decisions, and it can actually be fun. When you go to the grocery store, fill your bag with fruits and veggies. Find a way to use them all up within one week.

Buy the most expensive membership at your local gym, so you feel motivated to make good use of your money by going five days a week.  Similarly, exercising, especially weight-lifting, is going to be a must for optimal health and can help you maintain healthy testosterone levels.

The problems we face everyday

Part of the trouble is we live in a culture where we are continuously bombarded by encouragement to make unhealthy choices. Fast food chains give you every reason other than health to buy their product. Megacorporations trick you into thinking things like soda are sexy, failing to mention that the corn syrup will actually seriously degrade your health and, by extension, your sex life.

Be smart and know that all these companies have agendas, and in zero cases is their goal to make sure you have great sex.

Fixing the unhealthy aspects of your life

My assignment for you is to make a list of the healthiest and unhealthiest parts of your life. Think about food, exercise, sleep, supplements, time spent outside, and social life. Then choose one “unhealthy” aspect to change every week for four weeks. Get creative with it. You do not have to walk on a treadmill. You can learn jiu-jitsu, or take up archery, or even get a construction job. When it comes to exercise, the options are endless, and you have zero excuses. See how this blogger has 30 days no porn challenge to help him to have better sex.

When you start to see the sexual benefits of being healthy, it will be easy to keep things going in that direction. You will create a powerful feedback loop of healthy choices → good sex → healthy choices→ good sex. Good sex also promotes good health by improving circulation, providing a form of exercise, and producing feel-good hormones.

The important thing is not to be super strict about health. Create a baseline of health that you insist on, and then allow for exceptions from there. For example, if you went to the gym four times this week and used up most of your bag of veggies, don’t say no when your new girlfriend brings homemade cookies to your house. The best part of being healthy is that you can afford to make occasional unhealthy choices.

Once you get started, you will connect a lot of dots between health and sex. You’ll gradually see improvements, and your body will happily thank you for making better choices.