Dry Cleaning Service

It’s undeniably crazy how household chores demand attention, energy, and time from us. It makes us struggle to find the time to relax after a tight schedule at work. That’s when the help of laundry services come in. But, how can you choose the best dry cleaning service? Some of you might only settle with the nearest laundry shop near your home or workplace.

However, that’s not it. You have to do some research on how to choose the best dry cleaning service. Choosing the wrong one will damage your clothes. Save yourself from heartbreaks. Take a look at these features that makes a laundry service one of the best.

#1. The Dry Cleaner’s Reputation

These days businesses market their businesses without any flaws, and they are pretty enticing that their advertisements will quickly convince you to have their services. You can determine the service quality of a laundry service by asking from colleagues or friends who have tried their services.

Ask how long their business has been operating and their staff’s expertise. You can check their dry cleaning methods to help you judge whether it is right for your laundry to be cleaned by them.

Do not forget to check feedback and reviews from real customers. A slight inconsistency to maintain the quality is a red flag. If their service rating has terrible reviews, that will help you decide not to go for their services.

Go to the dry cleaning service that will guarantee you satisfaction.

#2. Know their Cost

You have to calculate the cost of their laundry services; whether you need their service occasionally or on a regular basis, you need to know beforehand. Their service price is one of the considerations when choosing the right dry cleaner.

Ask how much they charge for suits, slacks, sweaters, dresses, regular clothes, and heavy bedsheets. Do they price their services per item or weight of the laundry? If their pricing is per item, then that would be too costly. A day-worth of laundry will already cost a hundred.

Shortlist the recommended commercial laundry services around you so you can compare their price range and find the one that fits your budget. Aside from knowing the price range of their standard dry cleaning, know how much they price express or premium cleaning services, there might be a time you an urgent dry cleaning, at least you won’t be surprised.

#3. Company Policy and Certificates

Even the best ones make mistakes. Unfortunate things happen, and experts might damage your garment or lose your clothes. You have to ask in advance how they will handle these kinds of situations. A reputable laundry company knows its responsibility and should offer compensation for the item’s value.

You may also ask their front counter attendant or visit their website to check whether they are affiliated with certified professional dry cleaners. If they have certifications for wet cleaning, dry cleaning, and environmental dry cleaning, it shows that the company hires experts in the field.

If you know their damage and loss policy, you will have peace of mind that your garments are safe with them– and if the worst scenario happens, they are covered against loss or damage compensation.

More so, commercial laundry companies that are affiliated with a professional association. Companies affiliated with these associations ensure that their staff undergo training and follow ethical standards and customer service.

#4. Other Services They Offer

Some of us are only concerned with the turnaround time of laundry services. An ideal turnaround time for the best dry cleaning service is 24 to 48 hours; beyond that time would be a problem if you have your occasional and work wear on that laundry. However, turnaround time should not only concern you. You also have to consider whether they are flexible enough to offer other laundry services.

Do they also offer standard wash and fold services? Can they accommodate express laundry? It is crucial for the laundry provider to be flexible. You might need them on rush occasions. Look for service packages that have wash and fold services on top of their standard dry cleaning.

Not to mention, the best dry cleaning services provide discounts and other perks with their services. Although it is not offered any time, it’s exciting to experience complimentary services or discounts while receiving expert laundry care.

Lastly, ask whether laundry pickup and delivery is in their offered services. If you do not want to head over to their shop or you are busy to drop off your laundry, then their service is the answer. All you have to do is call them and book an appointment. The best dry cleaning service will ensure that your laundry is picked up and delivered back clean and fresh at your doorstep.

#5. Laundry Provider Handles Special Needs or Requests

If you have sensitive skin, you surely need a laundry service provider that can handle special needs. The best dry cleaning service uses hypoallergenic detergents for those who are allergic to the regular ones. Do not hesitate to make a special request to the staff. You should not only be responsible for your clothes, but you also have to take care of your health concerns.

Moreover, if you are hesitant that your expensive suit might lose its fabric quality, color, and texture, you can convey your concerns to the service provider. However, the request may cost more.

These 5 features are the essential criteria in choosing the best dry cleaning service. Your clothes are an investment; some may even have a sentimental value, do not let a laundry service provider damage them.

Moreover, using the conventional technique damages the clothes after a few washes, and a professional dry cleaning service is the solution. It does not degrade your garment’s quality even after multiple washes. Thus, go to the best one that can take care of all of your needs and treats your garments like their own. You do not only save money, but you are also safe-keeping your garments.