Excel Skills Testing For Employment

The data management skills or the power to organize and analyze data and make some informed recommendations are considered to be some of the basic job needs that are hiring managers are currently looking for. In case you are planning to create sales forecasts, monitor the current marketing results, or just plan to prepare for the financial reports, it is important to know more about the people with good knowledge of excel which will be a part of your team.

That’s when the excel skill test comes into action. It will help you to know more about the employees and their excel experience before finally getting them on board with the team. 

  • It has been found that Microsoft Excel proficiency is always the most sought-after skill in most of the Indeed job posts.
  • Then as per Forbes, around 78% of the middle-skill jobs that need a higher school degree but not a college education will always need excel expertise over here.
  • Then, as per the statistics procured from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, middle-skill jobs have now grown by around 4.7% during that last decade, and that non-digital jobs have even grown by around 1.9%.

The skills and abilities to look for in any candidate:

Through the excel skills testing for employment, there are some basic skills and abilities to look for among the candidates out there. So, understanding these points will work out in your favor.

  • Basic spreadsheets:

Here, the candidates will be tested on their skills to set up and format the spreadsheets and then enter the data for preparing reports. These reports are designed for payroll, accounting, or the marketing section.

  • Data analysis:

It is one test to see the candidate’s abilities to use formulas and all the major functions needed to organize, sort, and even classify the data. These abilities will further help in creating reports now.

  • An advanced form of reporting:

Here, the candidates will be checked for their expertise in creating and using the macros. They will also be tested out for their VBA and pivot tables, which are designed to create some detailed financial reports and even focus on the database analyses.

The recommended skills that companies look for:

There are some major skills that companies usually look for when it comes to looking for a candidate. These Excel skills will make the firm know if the chosen candidate is going to be the right fit for the work or not. 

  • It starts with the standard job-based tests. Here, the standard tests will feature an excel section for jobs like Financial Assistant, Financial Analysts, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant, Office Manager, and Market Research Manager.
  • Then you have the standard subject-based test to consider over here. Here, the firms will choose a single subject computer skill assessment like Excel. The main goal is to test out the expertise and knowledge of the candidate to classify them as beginner, advanced or intermediate users.
  • Another recommended excel skill test will be over 800 modular subject one. It helps in generating multi-subject computer skills assessments within seconds for handpicking favorite excel based and other questions from the professional library.
  • Some people can use the help of the online author for creating some customized skill tests as well. It will incorporate your own job-based questions, and then you get to add the questions straight from the professional skill library of the firm.

Using the power of the excel recruitment test for coming up with the right employee:

Adding any new employee to an already existing team won’t be as easy as it seems. It will need foresight and the power to find which employees are going to thrive and then expand on the job.

  • That is the main reason why the excel recruitment test needs to be a major part of your current selection procedure.
  • When it focuses on the interview, it can be used not just to find the right employee with the proper skill sets you are looking for but also can help you to come across employees who can grow and fulfill new roles with time.
  • This test is going to be your first step in the current recruitment procedure, which can help you to eliminate unwanted candidates and save some time as well.

Getting along with the best firm:

If you search through the vast world of the internet, you will come across so many companies claiming to provide the best employment skill test. Looking for a pro in excel is not that difficult anymore when you get these tests by your side. However, it is important to know more about the credentials of the firms before procuring the Excel skill-testing set from the same source. So, get along with the best and more rewarding names over here.