Best ePub Readers for Windows

Do you love reading ebooks? No matter how much we adore paperback books, ebooks are gaining more importance day by day. Ebooks are easy to access. You can read them on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, personal computer or e-reader tablet whenever you want. Catering to the increasing popularity of ebooks, ePub reader software or E-publication software are introduced so that people can consume their favourite ebooks with interest. In this article, we are going to share with you the top 12 best ePub readers for windows.

What is an ePub reader?

Despite the popularity, ebooks fail to keep readers along for a long time. People begin reading ebooks with full enthusiasm but they soon come back to reading paperback books. This is because people find the presentation of ebooks a little boring. Moreover, if you do not have an e-reader, you might be reading the book in a PDF format which becomes quite cumbersome at times because you will have to zoom, scroll and pinch the content constantly to read the book. An ePub reader is software created for highly interactive reading. It is a reflowable software that can adjust its presentation on any device. Whether it be a smartphone or a computer screen.

Here are the 12 best ePub reader software for windows: 

  1. Freda

Freda is a free application for reading ebooks on windows. This application supports various other formats as well like MOBI, HTML, TXT and FB2. One of the best features of this app is that you can customise how it looks. You can customise the fonts, colours, bookmarks and annotations and also do the text-to-speech reading. However, it displays ads at the bottom of the screen which can be quite distracting. You need to make in-app purchases to remove the ads.

  1. Calibre

Now save and manage your ebook collection with Calibre ePub reader for PC. You can download books, manage the metadata, download book covers, and even transfer your ebook from one format to another. It also provides customer reading themes and supports not only novels but magazines and comics as well. Although some of you might feel that the UI of this ePub reader is quite old-fashioned.

  1. Icecream Ebook Reader

Download this easy to use ebook reader where you can track your reading progress, translate text, add notes and bookmarks. If you have a collection of ebooks, you can easily transfer them from one Windows PC to another. You can search by phrase, word or number in any book.

  1. Neat Reader

This is claimed to be one of the best ePub readers for android, PC and iOS. It supports ePub 2 and ePub 3 standards, has a robust parsing engine, and secure cloud storage. Above all, this application is absolutely free on all platforms. If you are a super-reader then you can buy the premium version and get 10GB storage.

  1. Cover

If you are a comic book reader or if you have kids in your house who love reading comic books, then cover is a must application for your windows PC. The free version of this app allows you to keep 25 ebooks in your collection. You can use OneDrive and Dropbox for additional storage. You can change the page dimensions, background colours, text and font style of the app conveniently.

  1. BookViser

The app claims to offer you a best-in-class reading experience. You can customise the app by changing the colour scheme, font size and styles. You will find many classic books for free here. It also supports brightness control and allows you to share the quotes from the book to social media platforms with just one click.

  1. Readium

Until now you have seen options of various ePub readers for windows. Could you imagine that there is an ePub reader browser extension available in the market? Add the Readium extension to chrome and experience the best reading time. You do not have to install any applications and you also get the chance to add your books to this reader extension and read them from anywhere.

  1. Bibliovore

This application is straightaway available on the Windows app store so you need not worry about how to find an ePub reader quickly for your windows PC. Just like all other readers, it allows you to customise the fonts and colours of the app. It also provides day and night reading mode which is quite interesting. But some of its major features are metadata editing, OneDrive access and library management.

  1. Amazon Kindle

This is one of the most popular ePub reading applications for windows, android, iOS and Mac. Kindle is quite popular for its ‘page flip experience’ and instant book previews. It also has a magazine reading for mobile mode. You can just tap on a word and see its meaning. It allows you to highlight, bookmark and customise the app.

  1. FBReader

FBReader or Favourite Book Reader is a simple, easy to use reader application. It is a multi-platform ebook reader that supports formats like ePub, fb2, Mobi, HTML and plain text. The application is highly customisable and allows you to change colours, fonts, and add page-turning animations.

  1. Sumatra Reader

If you are looking for a simple application for reading your books, then Sumatra is a must download. It is a minimal reader application that not only supports ePub but also other formats like PDF, MOBI, CHM, XPS, DjVu, CBZ and CBR. It does not have any advanced features like bookmarking and highlighting. But, if you want to simply read books then Sumatra is a great choice.

  1. Epubor Reader

Our last ePub reader for PC is Epubor Reader. It is fully customisable allowing you to change its background, font and background colours. Hazel, who works as a literature expert for MyAssignmentHelp4u told us that you can also perform the latest reader functions of highlights and bookmarking on this application. Last but not least, there is also an option for horizontal and vertical scrolling. You can switch between single-page mode to dual-mode, import and sort ebooks on this reader.

Each of these tools has something or the other that would impress you. We suggest you pick one that offers a clear, simple yet impressive user interface. It would be great if there is a built-in dictionary option as it becomes less distracting to find the meaning of a word while reading. Most importantly, take a look at the library of the ePub reader to measure its quality. Hope you will now be able to find a perfect ePub reader for your reading time.

Author’s bio – Emma Jackson is specialist in content writing, blogging and exploring new topics. Emma is also a part contributor of GoAssignmentHelp that provides programming assignment help. She loves to write topics like marketing, education and assignment services.