Curtain Fabrics

Choosing the colour and pattern of the curtains you want in your home is one thing, but you also need to make sure you’ve chosen the right curtain fabric. Different curtain fabrics will alter the effects of your curtains. The fabric can make the set hang differently, effect light control, affect temperature control, and more.

Let’s talk about a few of your options and how you can make this seemingly daunting decision:


Cotton is a very versatile material as it can work for any window. Bear in mind that it’s lighter in weight so should always be lined. This will make it hang better, and it’ll last longer as the lining will protect the fabric from sun damage. Blackout lining is thicker so will do a better job if a room is particularly bright.


Linen is not too formal or traditional, so it’s a nice relaxed style. Weight can vary from light to heavy, but is usually prone to creasing. It’s ideal for Shabby chic style if you’d like to convey that in your home. Linen will let a little light into the room while maintaining privacy. Just remember that as a natural fibre, they will perish in the sunlight faster than a man-made fibre.


Wool is a renewable, natural fabric. It helps in creating a warm, inviting look, and even has thermal properties to ensure great for insulation. If the product is 100% wool then it is fire retardant so can be used for contract jobs. Just keep an eye on this material for sun damage.


Silk tends to be expensive but it looks amazing and can help you to achieve a really glamorous look. Faux silk is becoming more popular and tends to more durable than real silk, so worth bearing in mind. As it’s so thin and lightweight, it’s a material that must be looked after. The lining will give it sumptuousness, and if silk is unlined, it will rot.


Velvet can be both natural and man-made fibers, giving a rich and luxurious look to a room. It’s heavyweight, so you will need to ensure your curtain pole can support it.


The material you select will determine how well your curtains perform and last over time. If they’re too heavy, they won’t draw correctly and if they are too light they won’t hang nicely. Holding fabrics up to a window can give you a better idea of what it is going to look like.

Linen, silk, faux silk, and velvet can be great choices as they tend to hang really well.

Faux silk tends to be the most long-lasting, so could be a good choice if you want yours to stand the test of time.

Whichever material you choose, it’s nearly always a good idea to have them lined, as this is will make them hang better and complement your room perfectly.