The temperature inside or outside the house can greatly affect how a person goes about their day. If the sun’s out, then they’ll either stay indoors or wear sunblock before going out. If it’s raining or snowing, they’ll bring an umbrella or cozy up on the couch with hot cocoa. That said, having an indoor/outdoor thermometer can benefit people in many ways such as these:

Measure Outside Temperature Without Going Out

Before there were indoor/outdoor thermometers, people would need to measure the temperature outside by using an outdoor thermometer because it doesn’t connect to the one indoors. Other than that, you’ll have to rely on weather forecasts on TV to know what kind of weather you should expect outside.

Now, you don’t have to go outside or wait for updates on the news to know the temperature outside. Indoor/outdoor thermometers give you an accurate measurement of the temperature outside without you having to walk out the door. You can check it on the device inside your house to know the data recorded by the thermometer outside.

Measure the Inside Temperature of Unfinished Buildings

Indoor/outdoor thermometers can come in handy for engineers who want to measure the temperature of unfinished buildings. If the building is still a work in progress, it could be that they can’t install the thermometer yet. Engineers can use the inside device of the thermometer to get an accurate measurement of the interior by swinging it inside without going in.

It can also be helpful for those who are worried about old buildings that may be crumbling. People might get scared of entering, but they want to find out the temperature to know how to go about future construction work. So, if you plan to restore a historic home, you can use an indoor/outdoor thermometer.

Measures More Than Just Temperature

Modern technology gave birth to versatile devices. Most of the gadgets we have now have multiple functions. For example, smartphones aren’t just good for texting, but you can also use them to play music, watch videos, play games, and a lot more.

Indoor/outdoor thermometers are a step up from regular thermometers that you can only use either outside or inside to only measure temperature. You can now also measure barometric pressure, humidity, and many others.

Accurate Measurement Of Other Rooms In The House

In the old days, if you want to know the temperature of every room inside your house, you’ll have to get thermometers for each one. The cost can add up, plus you’ll also have to be in each room to read the data.

Modern indoor/outdoor thermometers have wide ranges. It means that even if it’s in one room, depending on its range, it can still give you an accurate measurement of the temperature in another. You won’t have to go to each room to know how hot or cold it is because you’ll be able to see it in one device.


There are many kinds of indoor/outdoor thermometers out there in the market. Some are simple, which give basic functions, while others are more advanced. Some models even allow for phone connectivity.

If you can access your indoor/outdoor thermometer on your smartphone or tablets, it becomes even more convenient than being able to know the temperature outside without having to leave the house. With phone connectivity, you won’t even have to get up because you can see the readings on your device instead.


Another great feature that modern indoor/outdoor thermometers can have is its ability to set off an alarm when the temperature readings become too low or too high from normal. A feature like that can come in handy if there are children and pets inside your house.

If the baby’s room gets too hot or too cold, it could be dangerous for your child. If you’re not able to always go in and check, reading the temperature from the thermometer will make it easier than going back and forth.

Pets can also become agitated if they’re too hot or too cold. Animals like cats or dogs can find spots in the house where the temperature is comfortable for them, but for those that can’t move to a different room like fishes and hamsters, it can be stressful.

Final Thoughts

Having an indoor/outdoor thermometer is one of the devices that a modern home should have. It gives you more benefits than a regular thermometer can provide. It has many uses aside from just reading the temperature, such as measuring other weather or climate-related factors. More advanced indoor/outdoor thermometers can even connect to your smartphone or tablet, offering you more convenience than a typical indoor or outdoor thermometer. From the many options out there, you’ll surely find the best one that fits your needs.