Apps for Education

For many years, parents and teachers agreed that smartphones were a distraction to students and needed to be checked. However, the narrative has changed with the adoption of mobile apps into several sectors such as healthcare, hospitality, traveling, etc. Unfortunately, the education sector is not left behind. 

The creation of mobile apps for education has made smartphones a necessity for students rather than a distraction. In this article, we look at the top 10 education apps for students. 


This is a unique app in the education sector. It offers courses to students from colleges rather than courses from professionals. Of course, you are not going to get a college degree from learning with this app. Still, it allows you to learn several courses such as engineering, computer programming, nutrition, psychology, statistics, and many other courses. It has offline and online video lectures, tutorials, course handouts, announcements, etc., and they are all available for free. This is the best app for students searching for higher education. 


This excellent educational app allows you to take photos of different things and teaches you about them. It can be a history question, math problem, or chemical formula. The app answers your question and shows how you can answer the same question in the future. This app covers several subjects and is available for free without in-app purchases or ads. It is thoroughly recommended for high school students and younger, but anyone across any level can use it. 

Khan Academy

This is a highly reputable platform and is one of the best for obvious reasons. It offers several courses to people, boasting of more than 10,000 instructional videos, teachings, and other content, and it is available for free. The Khan Academy app deals with typical education subjects such as mathematics, science, history, economics, etc. Another app was created specifically for kids, and another version for younger kids, similar features. All of the apps are highly recommended.


This is undoubtedly one of the best flashcard apps you will find anywhere. You can use it for virtually all topics. For example, you can use it to memorize vocabulary, practice terms for a subject or your class, and so on. The app also allows audio and images, and you can send or receive flashcards with your friends. There is also foreign language support, which may come in handy for you. 

There is a free version of the app that is limited in the number of flashcards you can use, but the pro version allows you to use the app without limitations. 


SoloLearn is a Google Play developer. They have created lots of educational apps but are specialized mainly in computer programming. So all of their apps are created to teach the user one computer language or the other. They teach several programming languages such as Java, Python, C++, CAA, PHP, HTML, SQL, Swift, and JavaScript. These educational apps are available for free and have gotten stellar reviews from previous users. So, if you have plans to go into computer programming, you should look out for these apps. 

MyScript Calculator 2

This is an exciting math app for adults and kids alike. It allows the user to write out the math problem with their finger or using a stylus. The writing is then converted, and the problem is solved. This calculator is a visually enjoyable one, and you may not have seen anything like it before. It also supports several operations, including basic arithmetic, basic trigonometry, introductory algebra, etc. It also allows users to write out different things like fractions and divisions in different ways. It is an app that is highly recommended for students in high school, grade school and may work for college students too. It is available for just $2.99 without in-app purchases. 


This is one of the pioneers of educational apps for mobile devices to offer several courses. This platform currently has more than 32,000 courses ranging from science, technology, foreign languages, and even cooking. You can find almost anything you want to learn here. Some courses on udemy are marketing, business, entrepreneurship, music, health, fitness, design, photography, etc. The quality of the content for each course varies. While some may be fantastic, others are not so great. There are also paid courses and free courses. This is a very decent app and has many features of the platform’s official website. 

Wolfram Alpha

This website has some similarities to Socratic, but it is slightly more powerful and has a steeper learning curve. It covers numerous categories across several subjects and can solve math problems and questions in geography, history, etc. So, it is a valuable resource for students in college and high school, but it also benefits anyone. It is a good app and is available for $2.99 without in-app purchases or other ads. 


Duolingo is one of the best language learning apps currently. If you are looking to learn a foreign language from the corner of your room in a fun and interactive way until you master it, this is the ideal app for you. It includes several languages such as English, French, Latin, Mandarin, Spanish, etc. It allows users to set daily practice goals and also provides insight into their performance. This app works for both professionals and students and provides both premium and basic services. 

Google classroom

Google developed this app to help students and teachers with remote learning. It is built to ensure that the teacher can connect with their students and the students connect without hassle. Moreover, it supports activities like document sharing, assignment collection, grading, copying Google documents, etc., to make interaction easier among the students and the teacher. 


The education system has become more digitalized, making education more accessible and affordable for people. Crucial to this is the growth of mobile education apps that make learning seamless. Many of these apps now exist, but these are some of the best.