Eric Lefkofsky

There are so many entrepreneurs in the global market. Evaluating the lives of each of them will give you both positive and negative lessons. This is because we can learn from both their successes and failures. One of the personalities that we can learn from his life is Lefkofsky.

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder of Tempus, a company that aims to provide a large database library of molecular and clinical data. It also aims to work as an operating system in order to make these medical data accessible for doctors and researchers to use. This is a company that cares a lot about cancer patients, as well as doing the best in order to treat them towards a healthier state. Mr. Lefkofsky made sure that his skills in handling a business, and his experience of seeing a loved one’s cancer getting treated, will become an asset in making Tempus more productive in the future. But how does Mr. Lefkofsky live his everyday productive life? Let us look at a day in the life of Erick Lefkofsky.

Time Management

Just like most people who are well-versed in business, he starts his day by waking up at 5:00 AM to make preparations before he goes to the office around 6:00 AM. He strives to make sure that he gets to the office early enough. There are times where he also does exercise in the mornings, but he spends the rest of his days working and eating quickly. He wants to make sure that he remains fit and does not waste a lot of time eating. In fact, he only uses 12 minutes when eating lunch. He typically goes home by 6:30 PM – meaning that he works 12 hours a day! These hours are enough for anyone who wants to be productive in his or her place of work.

More Responsibility as the Company Grows

When he gets home, he barely turns off his working mode nowadays. But he was proud of being capable of switching his working mood when he has the free time. These were the days where he doesn’t need to regularly check his e-mail, as well as leave work when he wishes to. But his increasing number of employees and the scope of his career is already growing. That’s why he had no choice but to concentrate more on work. The situation encourages him to go an extra mile by working even when he goes back home. This is a clear indication that the business is growing. He cannot rely on his office hours alone.

Making Profits is the Basis of any Business

The drive that Mr. Lefkofsky got which led him to his success and flourishing career is because if his fascination with money when he was still young. Since he is a businessman, he needs to make sure that profits and money will be the basis of his career – just like how an attorney evaluates his/her career by the cases they won. That’s why fascination to money is an extremely important thing to do if entrepreneurship is the career in mind. After all, the primary objective of going into business is to make money. This is why you will wake up every single morning to go to work. This is what Mr. Lefkofsky’s mindset is, and it also means that profits mean improving the business for that very purpose. He works towards making profits so that he can take the business to the next level.

Money is Not the Primary Reason for Working Hard

However, despite his success in his business career, he admits that becoming successful in life you need to get rid of money as the reason for working hard. It’s because he believes that attaining more than what a person financially needs will cause him/her to think about using it for investment or for selfless reasons. Making money is good but you should make sure that you are not obsessed by this move. This is what inspired him to co-found Tempus in order to improve the means of the medical field in treating diseases. You can use the money that you make to improve the livelihoods of the needy people who are around you. There is a great feeling that comes with the ability to give back to the society. The love for money can result into greed and this is not good for any individual. You may end up doing anything as long as you make money. Lefkofsky knows that making money in business is good but this is not his primary reason for waking up each single morning. He is driven by compassion for society and not greed to make more money. having such an attitude is what makes his business flourish and even make more money.

Dealing With Challenges

This motive of his was already a habit that he does when spending a huge amount of money. In 2001, he started a different company if his own as he realized that starting up a service that can benefit businesses would be a great idea. Over the years, investments came and went away, and he still brought that same habit. Of course, there are issues that are inevitable when it comes to a company. But Mr. Lefkofsky is not afraid with these issues. Instead, he just brushes them off and says that the media and some people “over-exaggerate” some facts – causing these issues to come out. This ability to handle the issues that face you will set you apart in the market.


Leadership, the guts to face issues, contentment over money, and the drive to help people. These are the known traits of businessmen Eric Lefkofsky, who already mastered the field of work itself. He showed people that a healthy mindset is what drove him in aiming for a healthier world through his investments. He did not have greed to money but rather compassion for the society. All these attributes made him into a great leader and successful businessman. There is much that both aspiring and experiences business owners can learn from the life of Lefkofsky.